December 21st, 1998

Down the Slippery Slope to Christmas We Go, Ho! Ho!
A bright cold day. They had snow up and down the Bay Area, but not in the part of Oakland where the Sole Proprietor lives.

Dropped off the two rolls of film for processing. Know tomorrow if one of them was ruined when the camera didn't rewind properly. Nikon has just released a new camera that replaces, he assumes, the N90s called the F100. Maybe they will replace the F5 soon with an F6. Have no idea what might be inside an F6 except the Sole Proprietor hopes some mechanism that WILL FUCKING 'A' TELL YOU IF THERE'S AN UNWOUND ROLL OF FILM INSIDE!!! when you try to open it. The counter said empty. The Sole Proprietor rewound the film, but wasn't paying enough attention. Don't you feel great sadness and sympathy for the Sole Proprietor because he can't work his $4 Million Dollar whizbang gizmo camera and ruins his film?

That's better. Clear the head. Put things in perspective. Just a roll of film. A day outside shooting. Most of it will be OK. Nobody has broken his arm. No automobile accidents involving injuries. No wet socks in the rain. Just a roll of film. Calm down. The sun is shining. Christmas in four days. You get the Eve off. The bathroom is clean. You cleaned it last night. No spiders will attack you while you brush your teeth in the morning. Life is right.

Yesterday the Sole Proprietor is moaning about planning for his future and getting off his duff. Today he is moaning about some film or other in his camera. How about something a little more upbeat, Sole Prop? Something that will put us all in a better mood? Something about the spiritual wonder of the week or something about lunch? What's for lunch? Perhaps hop out now and have some nice seafood concoction stir fried in hotter than hell peanut oil, lip smacking and served by that wonderful waitress with the Buddah like ten thousand years of experience smile? Or the shredded beef in hot chili sauce with a beer back served by her surly swinelike sidekick who likes to wait behind the curtain in the back while your rice gets cold, eyes bright, fingers snapping in a nicotine rush.

OK, OK. He'll stop.

The Dell desktop arrived this morning with dual 450MHz Pentium II processors, 384M of 100MHz SDRAM and a 10 gig hard drive running NT 4. PhotoShop will take advantage of dual processors. He will load PhotoShop tomorrow morning and see if he can break some speed limits, manipulate some really really big graphics files two or three at a time. Load Illustrator 8 beside it. Bounce some bits between them, jabbering back and forth like little shuttlecocks on speed.

He'll let you know. It's later now. He wants to put his feet up and think about life, art and f stops this third day before Christmas Eve.

The banner photograph is of a fence across from the front of the Sole Proprietor's sister and brother-in-law's house in Portland.