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December 17, 2017

To Me

Sunday. To bed early, nothing on the radio to keep my interest and so lights out well before ten to awaken then at six. OK, six. Not bad. Just a matter of taking my time to get ready to drive to breakfast to discover the papers had yet to arrive. OK, lie down for ten minutes before getting up again to find the papers on the apartment house doorstep when I got to the lobby. Drove to breakfast just after six forty-five to arrive two minutes before the lady came to open the restaurant. Sunday. An uneven, but decent enough start to another sunny day.

Had the French toast, sliced bananas and strawberries with coffee for breakfast. Could have productively spent more time reading, but nothing really in today's news I wasn't aware of. The Republican tax plan is a mess. It's going to pass, mess or not. People are being blown up here and there in Africa and in the Mideast to a degree it's hard to keep score. I find it difficult to locate the countries involved if the names aren't spelled out on the map. I'm marginally better with Asia.

Phooey. At least the sinus-palate thing isn't causing a ruckus. Maybe go later to the Jack London Square farmers market (when's the last time I've been to Jack London?) and telling myself there's a chance I will. I've been getting hints there's been more clarity and energy about lately and I've been getting things done I've been putting off since forever. An easy bus ride to Jack London, why not?

Later. Prepared to go out and then didn't. Go out. No interest in going anywhere I could think of. Jack London Square is somehow not the Jack London Square of old, not that it every really held that much magic. Still, no interest in going by the lake (how many times have I walked over to the lake?), no interest in getting anything to eat, although I was hungry, and so spent the afternoon watching the 49'ers win their game when they kicked a field goal with two seconds left to play. My, my since I'd been thinking, when they had a minute left to play, they were going to lose. Good game.

Evening. The sinus-upper palate started to act up toward the end of that game and so took a second dose of the pain meds (haven't even thought of doing that in a while) and it seems to have worked as the evening has started well. Good mood, no nasty sinus-upper palate crap and I seem to be watching the Elementary episodes without wrinkling my nose.

Didn't go by the supermarket after breakfast this morning and so maybe go tomorrow, gives me a reason to drive instead of walk. Thought about tuna fish sandwiches, turkey and cheese and other combinations that made sense earlier when I was hungry, but couldn't think of any stores that carried them within walking distance. Well, anywhere I wanted to walk. Be curious to see if I follow through in the morning so we'll consider this a marker, an encouragement to act.

Which you won't. I'd bet on that.

I should, but I suspect you're right and this is just babble to get this finished. Why not get in the car (with its fully charged battery) during the day and go shopping? All this interminable babble sounds a little crazy, even to me.

The photo up top was taken while walking home from breakfast yesterday with a Nikon V 1 camera mounted with a 30-110mm f 3.8-5.6 Nikon 1 Nikkor lens.