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Here In Oakland

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December 16, 2017


Saturday. Another lights out reasonably early, awakening briefly a couple of times during the night, to then awaken at six forty-five. A little late, but a walk on what looks to be a clearer morning, not so much overcast and (who knows?), maybe a cleaner air morning.

Had the eggs Benedict, country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee breakfast, the only thing that seemed to appeal, although I had to wrestle with it for a while before deciding. OK, no big deal.

Futzed with the small V 1 camera walking home, the photo up top somewhat out of focus and weirdly lit, but interesting in that I managed to inadvertently shoot two short video files with the camera before getting the picture. That button with the red dot on it shoots video and, fumbling around with the shot, video files appeared when I downloaded the pictures.

That's an embarrassing admission. How long have you had this camera? How long have you been shooting without knowing how to shoot video?

Long enough, if I were sensible, to keep my mouth shut. I learn how to shoot video with DSLR cameras I use most of the time, but then, in not shooting it at all, I forget how it's done and have to look it up again. Sloth more than any thoughts about video. I don't use it and so don't shoot it, although it's something I should know how to do.

There's a demonstration in San Francisco's Union Square I most probably won't shoot at noon, otherwise it's a Saturday and, well, there should be something else or two I'm willing to go out there and do.

Later. A walk to the lake to see if there were any of the usual exercise groups or drummers performing, but found neither. Lots of people about, but not for that moment by the white column pergola, and so on along Grand by the Saturday morning farmers market drummer (cropping the photograph into two additional images) and then on by the unusually crowded farmers market itself.

Remembered I needed a 2018 calendar and so on to the book store to pick up a B. Kliban cat calendar and return home to the apartment. The vision was stable, but the screwed up sinus-upper palate made for a sort of a bubble, not as potent as those when the vision is flaky, but making the trip shorter than I suspect it would otherwise have been had it not been present. Still, nice sun, a decent outing. Hundgry as usual, but nothing I could think of that appealed. Need to go by the supermarket when I drive home from breakfast tomorrow.

Checked the car battery charger when I got home. Yes, I finally hooked it up with the help of the building manager yesterday morning, looks as if it will be fully charged later this evening. In retrospect lots of things got done yesterday, be nice to see it continue.

Evening. The car battery is charged. Achieved enlightenment in the middle of watching a PBS program on the Buddha and so won't be watching television anymore, unless enlightenment has left by morning.

One shouldn't kid about such things.

The Buddha had an excellent sense of humor.

The photo up top was taken while walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon V 1 camera mounted with a 30-110mm f 3.8-5.6 Nikon 1 Nikkor lens.