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Here In Oakland

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December 13, 2017


Wednesday. Crawled into bed at seven-thirty last night feeling wobbly, wobbly enough to need to lie down. Passed after less than an hour, but something a little new in my experience. A different aspect of “wobbly”, one I haven't experienced before.

Lights out by nine, after learning Moore had been defeated in the Alabama Senate election, the New York Times having an interesting web site tracking the count as it was reported. They projected Jones as the probable winner, although Moore was leading through much of the evening. Polls. Interesting stuff.

A decent night's sleep to awaken at five forty-five, late, but about right when you go to bed and turn the lights out so early in the evening. Took my time getting up to get out the door just before seven, the day lighter by setting out those fifteen minutes later than usual, the sky clear with a sunny day ahead. Had the single pork chop, eggs over medium, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee breakfast, the Chronicle and the East Bay Times having been published late enough on the west coast to detail the Alabama election results, the east coast Times publishing before they could report the winner.

So the walk home under a bright sun, a little warmer by then. I need to get a Protime blood test today, so we'll set out around noon, take pictures at the Webster apartment house construction site with less blue in the images. One way or another. And there's a school march of some kind forming up at the lake at four-thirty today to photograph. Something about the local schools I'm unaware of, we'll look it up to see what it's about later.

Later. A bus to Webster on Grand to decide, at the last minute, to take pictures of the construction where the framed unfinished apartment house had burned, as well as the apartment house complex they're building across the street fronting on Webster. Still didn't handle the contrast between the shade and the bright sun worth a damn, but we're working on it.

On then to the lab to get the blood drawn, arriving at what I was thinking was twelve-fifty, ten minutes before the lab opened at one. I'd thought to eat up the ten minute wait by getting something at the building café, but the café was busy and so went to the lab to find it open. Ten minutes early? What?

They laughed. It was ten minutes to twelve, they were closing in ten minutes and so there was time to have the blood drawn and I was back to the café to have a yogurt and small coffee to think about my error. Just drifting off in my own cloud and somehow missing the fact I was setting out after eleven instead of after twelve?

My, my.

Let's hope it doesn't predict some kind of related unpleasantness looming in the near future.

Walked back along Broadway, caught a bus to Grand, missed a return bus by one minute and so walked the rest of the way home, picking up a grilled chicken sandwich at the burger drive-in for lunch. Haven't done that in a while, haven't had the urge to eat one. A large breakfast and now a large lunch. The weight's fine, but the appetite keeps its own schedule and it lets me know what's what, I don't get to participate in the decision.

Later still. A walk over to the lake to see if there was going to be a group gathering for a march in support of the local schools (I seem to recall from the reference I'd read and added to my calendar) to find a production crew of some kind filming scenes at the lake. Walked around waiting until it got dark, but no sign of students or anyone else assembling for a march. OK. Happens. Back to the apartment.

Evening. A decent day, although both the trip to the lab and the excursion to the lake were done with the head in a bubble, the vision a little off, the sinus-upper palate thing acting up, and so basically not altogether comfortable being out. Hmm. Happens too often.

Watched some Law & Order episodes I've seen before, giving up by nine and heading for bed. Again, except for the head in a bubble when I was outside, not a bad day. Even a picture or two I rather like.

The photo up top was taken Friday of the city workers strike at the Oakland City Hall with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.