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Here In Oakland

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December 12, 2017


Tuesday. Windows 10 alerted me there was an update ready to install and so I started it last night just before going to bed (at 7:30) and allowed it to run, setting it to restart after it had done the install and shut itself down, as it often takes quite a bit of time to finish the installation during the restart. Ended up taking an hour to go through the installation-rebooting process. I'm writing this after its gone through three hangups and failing to start this morning with a message saying it had more to do, that it will take time, when do I want to start using all the new features Microsoft has added? Well, never. Just, you know, run the programs, that's more than enough.

Lights about at nine, last night, awake at five-thirty. OK, we've done this many times, take our time getting up, listen to the news as I'm lying in bed (jolted a bit when I learned the mayor of San Francisco had died of a heart attack while grocery shopping last night at the age of sixty-five), heading out after six-thirty to walk to breakfast. Hmm. Sixty-five. Nine years younger than I.

Had the oatmeal, toast, fruit up and coffee breakfast over the papers. Today the Alabama election to see if Mr. Moore is going to be sent to the Senate. Yes, we are curious, although I have no idea of what either result will mean in the scheme of things, if things have a scheme. The old may you live in interesting times whispering to us in the background.

Home taking more pictures, the smaller V 1 camera having difficulty (I, at least, having difficulty) catching the picture in time, one thing the big DSLR's handle like lightening. Futzed, when I got home, with yesterday's lame entry and wrestled with this computer update I described. A haircut at noon. We'll let the update the computer is saying is waiting (warning of yesterday's update or of a second update that needs to be installed?).

Bitch, bitch, moan.

I have to admit I'm curious about what they've done. Ways to gather more of my personal information? Sell me another camera or a set of tires?

Later. A bus to the Broadway ATM and then a walk to the City Center and the haircut, picking up a small coffee next door to the shop to sit and wait as she was still finishing up with her prior client. Good. Finished, over to the stop on Broadway to check the NextBus app and see there wasn't a bus coming for another fifteen minutes and so a walk by the construction site at 17th, but not taking the camera out of the backpack to take pictures. No place to get a decent, let alone good, shot. He said. Without making an effort.

Anyway, a free bus to Grand to check the NextBus app again and see I now had thirteen minutes to wait, the earlier bus evidently either passing me by unnoticed or not running at all. A not unusual mix-up and so a quick walk to the apartment house construction site to take a set of photographs, most of them taken holding the camera up over the canvas covered fence and shooting using the display. A blue cast to all of them. Made it back to the bus stop in plenty of time.

Evening. Not very hungry today. Was wondering why earlier when I was returning home on the bus. Not much to say other than I've got the Alabama election results up online with Democracy Now! running in the background. Interesting in how quickly a news report is superseded by the next one that come along an hour down the line.

The photo up top was taken Friday of the city workers strike at the Oakland City Hall with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.