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December 31, 2015

Late Night

Thursday. A fitful time getting to sleep after lights out last night, although I'm never quite sure if I'm remembering it correctly. Seemed that way at the time, glancing over at the clock and noting the hours increment themselves along, but then it could have been a light, but still decent night's sleep and the brain is just misconceiving.

Anyway, wide awake at six, too early, getting up and driving to breakfast on this last day of 2015, if that has any special meaning. It does, I suppose, a way to keep track of time, chapters in time, and fodder to babble about in one's journal.

A sunny morning on what is going to be a sunny day, maybe a bus ride downtown later for another set of Latham Square pictures. I assume they're working, they were active over at the apartment house construction site as I drove by it this morning.

Later. Bundled up in sweater, goose down jacket and winter jacket I caught a bus downtown to Latham Square where I discovered there was no construction crew working yet still took a set of pictures, deciding to skip taking any from the third floor of the Rotunda building. I'd remembered there'd been a call for a demonstration in front of City Hall this morning in Facebook, but there was none in evidence when I arrived at eleven. Probably for the best as it was cold. Time to go back to a warm apartment.

A bus to the apartment house construction site, thinking I'd maybe get an apple fritter and coffee at the café on the corner, but they were out of apple fritters and so I headed on and photographed the few workers who were working the project. Nice now to be back inside. Cold out there in the shade, barely warm enough in the sun. Temperatures in the high forties are cold around here, with or without my goose down underwear.

Otherwise time on the tablet, finding nothing I wanted to watch on the tablet. There's another demonstration scheduled from eight to midnight at the City Hall, but I'm pretty certain (I'm really certain) I don't want to be out shooting pictures tonight or most any night, not so much for running around in front of City Hall as getting there packing the two cameras. Hell, with just me. Not rational, I understand that, but it seems now to be dictating our evenings.

You still have friends who are older than you who happily do quite a bit more than just running around (in the dark) shooting pictures. One or two, for example, are still able to put together reasonably coherent paragraphs.

That's true. I also knew more than a few who are no longer with us.

Later still. Pieced together another section of Latham Square photographs and posted them to HereInOakand and artandlife. So good. Another month and both of these projects will be completed. Finished. Time to move back to taking photographs of things I like, brought home to me today when I went back and looked through what I'd been taking last December and the December before that.

The proof is in the pictures?

Depressing, but it might get me off my dime.

Evening. Skipped Charlie Rose and watched what I discovered was a repeat of an Elementary episode in bed on the tablet at ten before lights out at eleven. So much for a riotous late night New Year's Eve.

The photo up top was taken at a 50th wedding anniversary party a long time ago.