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December 30, 2015

The Boys

Wednesday. A lots of naps no energy day yesterday and so I turned the lights out early and went right to sleep, awakening well after seven. A more than decent night's rest. Given the hours, anyway.

Up feeling reasonably human to walk to breakfast on another cold, sun coming shining on the horizon, but otherwise cloudy morning. They're saying this overcast won't last and it will clear and remain clear through Sunday when we may again see rain. We do need rain, we do, even an over the top flood level El Niño type rain if the choice were to be an El Niño deluge or none.

Home to sit down and put together a journal entry from scratch as I hadn't written a word or chosen a picture yesterday. Been a long time since that's happened, a routine broken, maybe we could break more routines before this day is done. We are aware we're in a rut and not doing anything about it.

I'm not sure a late posting a single abbreviated entry is a major step forward in escaping your routines.

One step is better than none. Maybe pick up the pace, break another before we enter another year. We're not looking to avoid routines, just to make changes. Evolve. Invent new ones. Turn a page.

Later. No thought or desire to lie down for a nap and so some futzing around on the web this morning before setting out to photograph the change in gas prices I'd avoided documenting this morning for reasons I'd rather not explain. Anyway, boarded a bus that came by about a third of the way there, got off at the gas station to take pictures and then walked back home, deciding to have a bagel with cream cheese and coffee at the café near the fitness center on Grand. Good, I guess, although I'm never sure if I'm not taking a chance with cream cheese. Screw it I guess.

Taking a chance on another ocular incident later, you mean?

I wondered if that avocado and cheese (processed cheddar cheese) omelet I'd had yesterday at breakfast hadn't contributed to the “tiredness” I'd experienced, that little sparkly patch present when closing the eyes, the first of which appeared on the trip downtown to photograph Latham Square. Cream cheese from experience isn't nearly as potent as cheddar and I do plan, since there's a very light rain out there right now, to stay safe here inside.

Later still. Haven't done much, but I certainly feel better than I did yesterday. So good. We do harp on this. The good, the bad and the cheese. Time on the tablet after bailing on the News Hour at three, something I do more now than I have in the past.

Evening. An episode of Death In Paradise at eight, one I'd seen before, vaguely remembering who'd probably done it and indeed it turned out to be she. Silly series, but it does amuse.

Early then to bed. Not a bad day, although in looking at it the writing isn't any better, the bitching still seems to dominate and I haven't taken a decent picture in a while.

You're going to end it on that sour note?

Is that a sour note? Up or down, on the walls or off the walls, we still seem to be doing OK. And we did finish an apartment house construction site section late this afternoon. We do keep ourself amused with toys for the boys, do we not? In this time of drought?

The photo was taken at the Oakland City Center two years ago today with the Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.