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Here In Oakland

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December 14, 2015

They Go

Monday. I went on at length yesterday about being tired, but not being able to sleep when attempting a nap. Well, last night to bed early and lights out again by ten, awakening to get up and take a leak at least twice. Same old stuff, except I slept right through to seven-thirty this morning, something like eight hours sleep. So we must be well rested and unencumbered with this “tired” business behind us, right? We'll see. We'll know better in another hour.

Anyway, awake at seven-thirty, a walk to breakfast under a bright rising sun, a larger breakfast than usual (we're two pounds plus under our target weight) and then a walk back home, the mood good. A decent mood. No complaints.

I went on and on about that link to a picture of the Sears store all wrapped in plastic yesterday and checked the link again this morning with the desktop computer's Chrome browser. It worked just as it should. A minor glitch, you'd say, an incident not worth the telling, but what caused the thing not to display in those first cases? What caused it to go away without intervention? I wonder if there are any practicing computer exorcists nearby here in Oakland, just in case?

Computer exorcists? Are you getting enough fiber in your diet?

Later. A walk to the Lakeshore ATM taking but one picture as I passed by the apartment house construction site on Grand. Bright sun, but a biting cold breeze, so dressed in sweater and winter coat, the both of them together just barely enough. Thought about wearing the goose down vest I'd bought before being shipped out to Korea for a moment. Korea's a bit colder than California in the winter, something you may have guessed.

Anyway, a stop for a yogurt fruit cup and coffee at the bagel shop and then a stop for two scoops of ice cream in a cup at the ice cream shop. I figured it was “the season” and rationalizations to just say the hell with it and do it weren't really required.

Crossed another item off the “to do” list. Don't ask, it would be embarrassing to admit it was there in the first place. But progress.

Evening. Some time on the tablet for the rest of the afternoon, no thought to do much more. Nothing I want to watch on television, not unusual, given the television I've given myself access to, so to bed again by nine if I'm not already in bed with the tablet. Not much reading. There was a time that's what I did in the evenings, other than listening to music on the stereo. Reading and music. Where'd they go?

The photo up top was taken walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.