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December 7, 2015

Ah Well

Monday. A pretty good night. Lights out before ten, although it took some time to get into a deep sleep and awake at six, thinking I really needed to start walking to breakfast again and find a way to awaken later. But what the hell. A very light rain, more a mist as I was driving to breakfast, finishing just before eight. No need to feed the meter, although I'd put in fifteen minutes just in case. Best not to be nervously checking your watch over breakfast and the papers. You can quote me on this.

Overcast now with a slight drizzle that it's after nine, stuff to do today, stuff I've been putting off that can't be put off any longer. Well, it can, but best it not. We'll know soon enough.

Later. Managed to hose the system drive on the main computer putting me out of business until tomorrow (if we're lucky). This being written, of course, tomorrow evening (Tuesday) while still downloading and installing programs, device drivers, system upgrades after much time on the phone with Dell. Ah, well.

The photo up top was taken from the December 7, 2014 entry while cobbling the computer back together.