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December 6, 2015

Steps Closer

Sunday. Getting enough sleep has been easier lately, lights out after nine, usually to sleep well before eleven, as we did again last night. Up once I seem to remember, the loose bowels tighter, no upsetting events. Still, to sleep early means awakening closer to six than the six-thirty I'd like to make a habit, but overall a good night.

Raining very lightly while driving to breakfast, a bit harder driving home. Not overly cold, but a rainy stay inside day, although a trip to the store is needed. If I can talk myself into getting into the car. The same old me, sitting here, idling. I get out and all is well, no fighting the thing I'm out doing, but the getting out the door and doing the thing itself are different matters. I'm sure there are people who study this stuff who have an answer.

Need to take care of the hard drive replacement today, make sure the health insurance is in order for tomorrow and that's about it. Plenty to do around here, but getting any of them done would be a “give the boy a gold star” achievement.

Later. A break in the rain and a short walk to the café at Bellevue and Grand for a bun and coffee at an outside table. The café itself was packed with a young crowd, most if not all of them huddled over open laptops. I'm wondering if they drink enough coffee or eat enough food there to make the place profitable. But we're drifting into predictable old fart carping territory, best we stuff it.

Back to identify the drive the diagnostics are saying is ready to fail and it does turn out it is the main system drive. Much futzing about to get to this point and now I need to call their tech support for an answer to a question I've asked them in the past that resolved this particular question, the answer to which I've long since forgotten.

Evening. Listened to the President's address to the nation at five. I didn't hear anything that gives me confidence they're discussing or addressing relevant issues. I'd like to hear more discussion of our history in the Middle East over this last century, a colonial history that's clearly a large part of the underpinning in these attacks. Then again, I suspect the White House isn't breathlessly waiting on my opinion.

More movies on the tablet. Heath insurance and hard disk replacement tomorrow. Same tasks we had for today, but now one or two steps closer.

The photo up top was taken yesterday along Grand with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.