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December 24, 2014

You'd Think

Wednesday. I did watch one thing or another the name of which I right now can't quite remember on the tablet last night, up with the alarm after turning the lights out not all that late. A good night's sleep? I don't know, a little slow getting up, more than a little slow futzing with yesterday's entry before posting. I may well be sharper in the mornings, noting and grimacing as I'm reading what I'd written the day before, having little talks with ourself about what we would have once done with this stuff.

Breakfast at the usual time and place, the pandorea vine for some reason showing three small flowers after what has now been a period of weeks without. Three (out of focus) flowers on Christmas Eve? Three Magi, three flowers? I'm obviously still running on fuzzy, such thoughts will pass and, unless I'm fool enough to write them down, they'll fizzle out of existence by noon along with the rest.

Anyway, overcast, they're saying a fifty percent chance of rain, no rain then for the rest of the week and through the weekend. And I am still a bit slow this morning. At least there are no small yogurt cups to tempt me as I ate all of them yesterday. Comfort food.

You count yogurt as comfort food?

The strawberry ones, certainly.

Later. A slow start to a day. Still overcast, although we had some bright sun for maybe twenty minutes, twenty of my minutes, I'm no longer sure my minutes match the minutes tracked by others.

Maybe we're somewhat more subdued on a Christmas Eve. No desire to go outside. It's not raining, but there's a dark grey overcast. No real wind or cold, but we're half hibernating, half conscious and half coherent. We're happy enough with half.

I went though the pictures I'd taken last December looking for something to run today and tomorrow. Overall the pictures I was shooting last December seemed better than my current output. Maybe think about that some more when the holidays are done.

Later still. Discovered I was out of the blood thinner pills when I reloaded the one week's dosage plastic pill containers. Discovered on a Christmas Eve early afternoon. Called in the prescription, the automated voice said I could pick them up after three. That, if nothing else, will get me out of the apartment.

A bus in a very light rain, the pills ready, a walk back up Broadway to Grand to then catch a bus to the 7-11 look-alike and pick up an ice cream bar and a small box of Good & Plenty. We're indulging ourself today. The very light rain when we started had changed to a bright sun while walking on Broadway. Nice. Gives hope the weather people have it right for tomorrow.

Evening. Nothing I want to watch on television, two or three thoughts about watching something on the tablet later, we'll let the evening evolve. Yes, I have some sake sitting in the kitchen, it arrived under the comfort food umbrella, I suspect we'll open one or two before we retire, although my mood at the moment says no.

Moods change.

Thank god.

Might be best to use capitals on a Christmas Eve.

You'd think.

Bells on Bob's Tail Ring.