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December 23, 2014

I'd Think

Tuesday. I'd seen the Death In Paradise episode last night and so went to bed. Lights out at something like eight and so I awoke a good hour before the alarm. Finally decided it was hopeless and I had to get up, finishing yesterday's entry to kill the time before heading to breakfast. Feel pretty good, but yesterday ended with an energized sinus thing combined with a light ocular episode. I'd been thinking yesterday, the day before, it's been a while since we've had an ocular visit. Should avoid such thoughts, it does encourage them.

A clear morning, again early, breakfast and then a drive to the supermarket to pick up some necessary items for Christmas Eve here at the apartment. Nothing special, but one or two traditional comfort foods to celebrate, ease us into another Christmas.

Still feel pretty good. It's early, probably best not to say that, but again, a clear sky, sun, we'll get off our duff and, well, take pictures.

You really have become a one note tea kettle.

On or off key, I figure at least the sound bodes well.

Later. Didn't think I'd put together a nap, but a nap put itself together after lying down, a good hour's sleep, up then to walk over to the construction site and take pictures, not many opportunities to photograph workers in view, but their framing making progress.

Back to futz more with the Chrome browser issue. Found a solution, but also a warning that the solution opens the computer to malware infection and so more searching online for something else. Chrome now works, all my links are there when I log into Google, but we need to follow this further.

Oh, and lunch. I bought a package of yogurt in small containers earlier at the supermarket. Always dangerous to buy a box. Small, easy to eat more than one. Or two. Enough calories there I'll have to put dinner off until late January, 2015. But these are the holidays, after all, sometimes it's better to just say the hell with it and flow with the locals. Yogurt, after all.

Later still. Bright sun, the fan on, sitting at the computer instead of outside enjoying it. Interesting. December. Late December. I'd say it's unusual, I haven't seen this before, but then I remember maybe my memory really is shot.

Evening. Nothing on television and so to bed to watch something on the tablet. I've been reading stories about people who read on back-lit tablets before going to sleep, back-lit with a lot of blue in the light, and this seems to short change them on rest. Something about melatonin production, how the light throws the internal clock off and makes for less restful sleep.

But you're still going to watch something tonight.

They didn't say the people were watching movies, they said they were reading. No blue light exposure involved in watching a movie, the screen close to your face on its stand, I'd think.

The photo was taken at a #BlackLivesMatter demonstration earlier this month in downtown Oakland with the Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.