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Here In Oakland

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December 6, 2014

To Be Heading

Saturday. Again, lights out close to eleven last night, awake ten minutes before the alarm to get up feeling just fine, heading off to breakfast on an overcast (raining last night) morning to read the papers and put gas in the car (at $3.05 per gallon!) before returning to the apartment.

I did take a look at the Oakland Holiday Parade on the web to find it's been canceled. The person who'd put it together in the past has evidently retired and no one was willing (or perhaps able) to step up in his place. Such is the life of parades. Too bad. An interesting undertaking, even if my pictures were often less than wonderful.

Oh, and the Protime blood test. As much over the desired reading as it was under the desired reading the week before, so we skipped the blood thinner tablet this morning. Have no idea why this should happen, but I know the response. Another week and we'll know more. Well, another week and maybe we'll know more. I'm not sure anyone knows why there should be this much variation.

Later. A walk over to and along the lake, nothing much going on there at ten in the morning, and so on through the farmers market. Fair number of people about, but through the market and over to Lakeshore, walking by the ice cream shop (not open yet), to the bagel shop (too many people in line) and then back home. A bit tired, a bit fuzzy, but otherwise in decent shape. As long as I could lie down and recover with a nap.

A well over an hour's nap. Good, we've probably recharged the batteries with that, but no thought to go out again. Some time futzing with the computer (actually a fair amount of time), most of it futzing with the computer hard drive setup, drivers and such, now listening to the 24-hour French news program and wondering what's next. Eat? Hungry, yes, but can't think of a single thing I'm willing to attempt. The usual state. At least it was t-shirt weather out there when the sun was shining. Kicks the attitude up.

We appear to be wandering in circles here. Maybe not babble, but closer than the reading mind might like.

True, but we're feeling moderately upbeat.

Evening. Nothing on television, I'm afraid. More work on this home computer. I have all the new RAM memory installed, but the hard drive hardware setup is quite a bit different on this particular workstation than I'm familiar with through setting up business machines, so we'll track down what information we can on the web. The manuals that came with this machine are pretty much useless.

Still, it's gotten me into tasks I've been putting off for years: following up on setting the computer and printer up properly. Why haven't I created custom color files for the monitor and printer? I have the equipment. We made progress this afternoon and early evening with some of it. We'll (I'll) sit back and watch, let it happen. If it does. Try not to get in the way if it looks like it's going to follow through.

Wouldn't it be more restful to find something to watch on the tablet?

Now, now. I'm actually halfway serious here. Wandering, but serious. Be nice to take steps forward again. We won't speculate on what's happening or why, just go with the direction it's heading.

The photo up top was taken along Lake Merritt this morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.