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Here In Oakland

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December 5, 2014

Candid Portraits

Friday. I did watch Elementary last night, have no idea why, other than I was wide awake at ten when the thing rolled around. And so to sleep after eleven, a better night's sleep than last night in the sense I didn't awaken more than once (to take a leak) and then awoke with the alarm. Up and out the door without real effort, although I forgot the camera and had to go back when I reached the car in the garage.

Still feel pretty good. No pain meds this morning for a second day in a row, we'll see how long that continues. It could last forever. Be nice - forever - but we'll see. One of their side effects is listed as “tiredness”, something I didn't feel when I first started taking them, but my sister suggested times can change with side effects as you grow older. We'll see. I suspect we'll not run out of them again since we won't be taking them as often. Just guessing, but we're reasonably confident as one can be this early in the morning.

We'll do the Protime blood test around noon. Last week's was way too low, the blood too thick, and so we were thinking (talking with the nurse on the weekly followup call) maybe I'd missed a dose of the blood thinners with all the travel (so take an extra half dose and check again on Friday) so we'll soon know. Damned readings do vary, apparently for reasons of their own.

Overcast, they're saying a fifty percent chance of rain, but again, clear over the weekend. The Oakland Holiday Parade. We'll see if we can't get better pictures than we've managed in past years. Try harder. Or don't try at all. Whatever works, just get the pictures. Hup! He babbled.

Later. The memory I'd ordered for the home computer from Dell arrived around noon after I'd walked over to the 460 Grand construction site and taken pictures, the head a little distracted without being wobbly. Turns out the workstation has eight slots for RAM, so I can add the four new modules and keep the existing four modules in place, which you'd think would make the thing fly. I'll have to use it for a while to really tell, but I suspect, when I clicked on the order button, I was thinking of my experience with the slow laptop and not the much faster workstation. Shit.

A little rude.

More like stupid. Still, maybe Photoshop will like it.

Later still. Overcast, but no rain and so a bus to the ATM on Broadway and then a walk down Broadway toward the City Center, taking pictures of boarded up windows that had been broken in the recent demonstrations held when I was out of town. I have no particular sympathy for Chase bank, I once owed them money on a credit card when I was younger, and their collection agents were ugly, but I'm not sure why the Tribune would be picked out as they cover these issues with a relatively even hand (for a mainstream newspaper). Maybe that's it: it's a mainstream newspaper (with lots of windows located on a corner).

Back now to listen to the news and maybe put together another section for the apartment house construction project. I know there are thousands of breathless readers out there patiently waiting.

Evening. And so a Democracy Now and then a New Tricks at seven, nothing I wanted to watch after it finished at eight, all the while futzing with old studio photographs doing tight croppings of faces. Three hours back then in the studio with a naked lady and I'm taking portraits. Well, that's what started all this, candid portraits.

The photo up top was taken at the apartment house construction site yesterday in the later afternoon with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.