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December 2, 2014

A No Go

Tuesday. To bed early, but I don't think I got into real sleep before about nine or ten, awake at seven-thirty and up to face the day. Hey. Still a good long night's sleep, we'll be able to compare after today on the train and then at home. Maybe get up and go to breakfast later? Break my morning routine? If I'm less tired for the up later, walk to breakfast effort, then go for it. He said, sitting here.

Train today at two-thirty. Sunny out there, but cold. Cold weather in Portland. Odd not to remember.

You're supposed to be more susceptible to the cold as you get old(er).

Now, now. True or no, let's not go there (quite yet).

Later. The train was running about twenty minutes late, but a cup of coffee waiting in the lounge before boarding, no Wi-Fi, but no real problem with that, although we won't post until later tomorrow morning/noon. Probably too many people watching movies and so they killed access. Or something. Who knows?

And so we're running. Good. Be home soon, late or later, doesn't matter now.

Evening. Dinner and then early to bed, more because there was nothing much else to do. I did overhear a conversation between a passenger and one of the conductors who said there was Wi-Fi in the parlor car, but not in the other cars because the installation cost was prohibitive.

That one time I was able to connect from my room was on a train where I was in a compartment right behind the parlor car on the upper level. I was in the car behind the parlor car this time too, but on the lower level and that is evidently a no go. Hi, ho.

The photo up top was taken of my brother-in-law as he was preparing lunch for Ozzie The Wonder Dog with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.