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December 18, 2012

You Would Be Too
Tuesday. I did go back and start that Netflix movie from the beginning last night after the bats and the snakes had disappeared, the movie making much better sense than it did the first time around. Had the Jack Daniels, three shots over two hours, felt better for that. Clears the sinuses. Sometimes I'm up for it, more often not, we'll start to worry about it if the “up for its” start to win out.

Which means to bed after eleven, although I awoke just before the alarm was due to go off, headed out to breakfast and back in the usual routine having eggs, pancakes and toast (and mixed fruit at the start) for breakfast, not in a mood for taking chances. We have that long delayed MRI coming up down in Los Gatos tomorrow morning before I meet with the neurologist again, so I've been taking notes. We'll see. This has been going on now for some time, sometimes better, more often better, but sometimes like last night, a bit worse.

The day looks as if it's starting well: blue sky, bright sun. A good day for some sun I'd say, after last night.

No one can really tell from this whether or not you're going bonkers with your head in a sling or this is something you can live with without having to do it on crutches.

It's certainly weird and debilitating in the sense you wouldn't want to be driving while in the middle of one, but otherwise it doesn't make you freak out on the street or run screaming into the night. Nothing like that. More a nuisance verging on something more, but we're new to this and I suspect we'll be more knowledgeable as time marches on for however long.

Later. A bus downtown to pick up a prescription I'd been notified was ready yesterday thinking, yes, the sun is out, the sky is blue, but boy is it cold out there, so I dressed for the journey and even that wasn't quite enough. So I got the prescription and scooted right back to the apartment.

Feeling pretty good, we think about these things after our little off the wall episodes like the one last night, so for some reason I tackled the computer area again, moving things around, putting the various plug-in power supplies and such in order; moving the external hard drives to better locations away from the morning sun that was coming in on some of them through the balcony door. You don't want them to get any warmer than they already are. No you don't.

I must say the area is starting to look pretty good, the desk with more open space, the various hard disks now all in a line, extra connections-power supplies-electrical chords nicely stacked and taped and made to look as if they were put there for a purpose. Pretty exciting stuff for an ex-techie, let me tell you.

Later still. A walk along the lake and then on to the morning café for lunch, the day much warmer, walking this time in just a long sleeved shirt, no jacket, no turtle neck. A light jacket might have been a better choice, but things were fine as long as you were out in the sun. A picture or two because I had yet to take one today and I was feeling remiss.

Maybe a little more time working on the computer corner, there's still stuff to do. I'm thinking of buying some storage containers for some of the smaller parts and cables, really get them in shape. This I'll do because it involves shopping rather than scrubbing and dusting and doing the carpet. Shopping is a much easier sell.

Lunch was a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato, ice cream and coffee. Pretty safe bet for the rest of the day. I think. I hope. I guess there's no way to know until the evening arrives, and even then the reason something happened or didn't happen isn't apparent. To me, anyway. Here at a clean computer desk with various electronic components humming together all in a line like little soldiers on parade.

Evening. The Tuesday night Maigret at six, one I've seen before, but again didn't remember who'd done it or why. Didn't really matter: watch the program, follow along on the guitar while reading the subtitles. An hour and a half program, the minutes go by, the fingers seem more comfortable on the frets. Well, the notes seem more like notes, the rhythms more like rhythms you might hear from a guitar.

A good day, a good evening, no signs of whatever, although there was just the slightest drying of the mouth around four. I'll blame it on lunch. What part of lunch? Who knows? As long as the world doesn't warp into anything too weird we're happy. You would be too.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at a local bus stop along Grand with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.