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December 17, 2012

Falling Apart
Monday. Rain. At least it's warmer when it's raining. Up with the alarm, actually before the alarm, and off to breakfast and back, the rain coming down quite hard there for a while.

Nothing out of the ordinary for breakfast, the waffle with the fruit and then more fruit, but we're going to take a nap (because we're tired). No inklings of anything other than a need for maybe another hour's sleep.

Later. A bus downtown on this overcast day, coffee and a cookie out at a table at the bagel shop in the City Center, no rain, interesting clouds. Pretty exciting for one of my mornings, I'd say.

Are we bitching and moaning already this morning?

Not yet. I noticed some opportunities for photographs that I didn't rouse myself to take. I do walk with the camera in hand, the strap wrapped around my wrist, so I can't say I wasn't ready if the mood had struck, but I did note opportunities in passing that may well have turned out. Nothing spectacular, nothing that necessarily fit into any of the picture categories I'm after, but just noted in passing that I wasn't up, bouncing around and shooting. Such is life.

Anyway, home now, time to start the guitar. If I can get in an hour before evening and then a hour after, I can do catch up for yesterday. It's just I need to do this four times in a row. Not the end of the world, I've done it before without thinking, but maybe we're in a bit of a holiday funk, the juices not really quite up and running.

Have you done any shopping?

I think I'll go back to bed now and pull the covers up.

Later still. Well, better. A nutritious meal of Doritos and bean dip saving the (very) small bottle of Jack Daniels to wash it down for later.

Yeah, yeah.

Oddly I do feel much better. Maybe because I'm no longer hungry? Retched food (albeit tasty), but again, I get hungry and can't think of anything to eat and forcing something, even the usually attractive if not good for you stuff, just doesn't seem to work. For whatever reason Doritos and bean dip have been on the list for this last week, although I find the Cool Ranch much better than the Nacho Cheese.

All this from an operation of fix a hiatal hernia, stitching up the junction between the stomach and the esophagus. What does that have to do with appetite? I wonder if you could tweak this without all the cutting, get the appetite to change without cutting-pasting-shrinking whatever it is they do when they operate to radically reduce morbid weight? Were I a (much younger) doctor it might have made an interesting study.

A younger doctor?

Instead of an older Boy Scout.

You do feel better.

I told you: Doritos and bean dip.

Evening. Well, all that and I sat down to watch whatever I could find on T.V., found nothing of interest and so cued up an online Netflix movie and discovered I'd entered Oz by the front door, no messing around. Normally I catch one of these things at the beginning and head for bed, but this time it crept up on me and so I sat and watched a movie become more and more weird, my relationship with the movie, the room, the world, odd to say the very least. One of the stronger reactions-episodes I've had in a long time.

To bed then to lie and stare at the ceiling for about an hour to let the world reassemble. I seem to spend quite a bit of time watching the world reassemble, which would be fine, but first you have to experience it falling apart.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland America's Childrens Holiday Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.