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December 15, 2012

Always Tomorrow
Saturday. To bed around ten last night, which is about right, up with the alarm at five forty-five on a very cold (for around here) morning. Off to breakfast, entering the restaurant and suddenly remembering, as I was sitting down at the table and wondering why the corner of the table next to the wall looked so empty, I'd again forgotten to bring a camera. Two in a row. I won't say ho, ho.

Anyway, off to the teeth cleaning appointment to arrive well before the nine o'clock start, but remembering to bring along a camera and taking a brief walk through the neighborhood to pass the time. First thing heading out for breakfast lapses are perhaps understandable, the mind not quite in gear yet (I don't really believe that, but I'll say it anyway) in forgetting one's camera, but.... Well, we'll see soon enough now about the “but”.

Still cold out there, still quite cloudy, but I'll undoubtedly want a walk pretty soon, we always do. Not hungry, still just back from the dentist's appointment, the heat turned on, but not quite up to temperature yet here in the apartment, the day ahead.

Later. A walk to the Grand Lake farmers market down the way and then on to the morning café for an apple turnover, ice cream and coffee, three out of the three major food groups. Still quite overcast, cloudy, looking like rain without rain, back to the apartment to hole up for the rest of the day (I'd say). Computers and guitar lessons, I'd think. And maybe a nap. No dry mouth-ocular events, so we'll try something more ambitious for breakfast in the morning, see if they really can cook without adding MSG.

Evening. A bit of a lie down in the late afternoon, not quite an ocular related event, but a “slow-down don't go to town” hour or so before getting up to watch a German language set in Venice police procedural at six and then a Netflix online movie afterward for the rest of the evening that ran until half past eleven. Hmm. Hopeless. To bed after very little guitar, we'll think about that tomorrow. Always tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the Grand Lake Farmers Market this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.