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December 14, 2012

So Far, So Good
Friday. To bed at eleven and up after seven to head out and back from breakfast, ordering the waffle with sliced strawberries, blue berries and bananas. We'll experiment with the pork chop entrée later when my usual waitress is on duty to be sure the kitchen gets the no MSG message.

More work on getting the new computer up and running when I got back to the apartment before heading out again downtown to pick up a prescription refill, a reliable reason to get me out the door, followed by coffee and a cookie in the Rotunda building.

There's still work to do in the computer corner - the new, improved, much cleaner computer corner - and that shall be the task for the rest of the day. It's overcast and cold outside, we'll hunker down in here unless and until the sun appears. Onward (not, however, through the fog)!

Later. No ocular stuff going on, although I did have a chicken sandwich that I walked over and picked up from the local burger drive-in, something I've done before. More often recently than in the past. I didn't ask about MSG since I'm fairly certain I've not had adverse reactions with their chicken sandwiches, but we're keeping an eye open. I'm too easily lured into not asking obvious questions. Might have to do more work on that, particularly with doctors and the restaurants.

More progress with the computer corner. Much left to do, but we're well into new and unexplored territory.

Later still. A touch of the dry mouth-ocular fog, so they are indeed using MSG with their chicken sandwiches. Not a lot, it hasn't been much of a dry mouth and other symptom experience, but now we know, so no more chicken sandwiches for lunch at the drive-in across the street. (I still remember how to make a chicken sandwich.)

More time on the computer, setting up email and every other damned thing that's required. Still, it weeds out the stuff you no longer use, corrects mistakes you've made in the past and allows plenty of room to make new ones. Whatever the direction, good or bad, up or down, we're making progress.

Evening. Another Wallendar I've seen before at six, but only remembering a couple of the scenes, the first at the train yard where the killing took place and the very end scene, where the guilty parties are wrapped up and all is explained. I'm sure I'll forget all I'd forgotten before with one or two new additions to the two scenes I remembered. No complaints: a feature, not a problem.

Anyway, guitar during the episode (Swedish, you understand, you need to be in front of the set to read the subtitles) and continuing to install necessary software on the new computer. It can be left unattended as the files are being downloaded, no need to be sitting at the keyboard. So, a Swedish police procedural, some guitar time and more progress on the computer. So far, so good, I'd say. I would.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland America's Children's Holiday Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.