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December 29, 2011

Probably Tomorrow

Thursday. No naps yesterday and I was tired last night, so to bed before ten, to sleep soon after, up this morning before the alarm went off at five forty-five, off and back from breakfast by eight. A good start to a day, I'd think, the sun now coming through the balcony glass door (I'd close the curtains, but I do like the light, I just don't like hiding behind the computer screen it when it gets in my eyes) portending a nice day ahead. No rain, no snow, no getting your tootsies too cold. No, no, no. Here in California.

Later. Another morning walk like many I've been taking now for a while: along the lake, on to the morning restaurant (for coffee and a bagel), a walk back taking the odd photograph. This greeted me as I was leaving my building, another on a telephone poll just down the street. We're vigilant here in the building, after a break into the garage some years back, various additional locks placed on doors and getting everyone into the habit of waiting outside at the entrance to watch the electric garage gate close behind them before heading on. Still. Not our building fortunately, but best to keep an eye out.

Walking by Splash Pad Park, taking a picture of one of the palms with a branch lying beside it, I noticed the Menorah was missing. Hmm. Then I noticed their sign. Yesterday was the eighth and last day (I believe. I'm not sure if, after the eighth day, you're supposed to take it down right away), so I'm assuming it was removed by the people who put it up and not by, well, others. Still, would the people who put it up have left their sign lying on the ground? Seems unlikely. Ah, well: Happy Holidays, all around.

Still, as I said, a nice toasted bagel and a large cup of coffee out on their patio, no sign of double vision, no sign of weasels or hamsters or buffalo steaming and screaming and otherwise running amok. Not good when you're the only one who can see them. The sinus-upper palate thing is doing its usual bit, but I don't really notice except to occasionally note it's still there. It's all that other stuff running in conjunction that fucks it up. Hup, hup.

A walk back, taking another shot from a place from which I've taken many a photograph and - who knows? - maybe of the same person and carriage. Still, a nice walk, a nice scene and, again, no funny looking creatures to muck it up.

Later still. I have more of these to do, but not that many before I move on to HereInOakland. I may tighten up artandlife way sooner I was thinking.

And how long were you thinking?

Oh, three or four years.

Evening. A bit of a tussle, but I finished another section for artandlife. I don't think there are all that many left to do, but we'll see. Probably tomorrow.

Along the lake earlier this month taken with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.