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December 28, 2011

No Maybe About It

Wednesday. The reason I hate sending cameras to Nikon for servicing isn't the hassle of boxing and such, but the thought they might get lost in shipment or, during the period they're gone, aliens from Mars might attack and I could be sitting here without the proper equipment. Irrational, all of it (well, almost all of it, they do lose a package now and again), but real enough.

The problem with the irrational - thoughts or behavior - it still gets your wits in a twist. Still, once they're out the door and on the way, I'm much better, as in right now having returned from my guitar lesson and stopping by UPS to ship them off.

And your poor sister?

Her lens is on the way.

Yet you delayed every bit as long to send her the lens and it wasn't something you were particularly worried over losing.

As I said: irrational. All of it. Even if Mars should attack I've still got perfectly good cameras sitting here (on the floor) ready to record any damage and destruction.

A decent guitar lesson, though. A new song assigned this morning, the Beatles Come Together. Gives you a different look at a song you think you know when it comes to playing it rather than just listening. The Beatles used very simple chords and melodies in all their songs - simple, simple - but with (my idea of) genius. At least, when you've been listening to them for a long time and then start to play them, a little voice asks: how did they do that? Another reason to start your playing when you're very young. Yes, it gives you a head start, but the real advantage is you're still naive enough to think you can turn out similar stuff, often by Christmas. Now and then someone does.

So you're not learning the guitar to compete with the Beatles?

I'm learning the guitar to compete with the neighborhood cats.

Later. I got into putting another section together on artandlife yesterday. For some reason I just started and never really stopped. There's still one photograph I need to check, it might not have been taken at one of the Asian Heritage Street Festivals, but essentially the section is done. These little projects seem to lead me on to related projects - keeping the photographs catalogued and straight, checking to see they all have duplicates stored on separate hard drives and DVD's and such - that also seem to get me interested. Makes the day go along nicely. It does.

Later still. Finally got my act together and took a bus downtown to take a quick walk by the Occupy area - I'm tired of going by the Occupy area if only because my “don't take my picture!” friend is still in residence - so I walked over to the pharmacy, bought a bottle of fish oil capsules and then walked on to pick up next month's bus ticket. Enough for a day, I'd think.

A walk then down to Grand to wait on a bus. One in the afternoon, did I want to stay on the bus beyond my stop, get off at my morning restaurant and grab some lunch? No. Can't think of anything I'd really want to eat. I keep saying this is strange, not being able to think of anything I'd like to eat when I'm obviously hungry. You would too, I suspect.

Evening. Well, another section up to artandlife. My, my. I went right into it, yes I did, and I'm thinking of doing another one later this evening. Maybe I'm building a head to steam to go into this coming New Year, maybe some parts of my mind have become fuzed and I'm babbling on like a broken record. Maybe there's no maybe about it.

Then SF mayor Gavin Newsom at the 2007 Asian Heritage Street Festival taken with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens.