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December 16, 2011

A New Day Ahead

Friday. To bed again at a decent hour, up with the alarm on a clear and what looks to be a sunny day, to breakfast and back at the usual hour. It's a Friday, time to clear up a few things before I set out for Portland next week, a haircut coming up on Tuesday before hitting the road. I'm assuming. We'll talk with our sister later to see what's she's thinking, although it's agreed I'll be coming up. Hup, hup.

Again, sunny, something out there needs photographing I'd think. I still have that almost completed Occupy section for artandlife that needs half dozen photographs to finish, shouldn't be all that difficult to find six photographs on a Friday. Otherwise we'll see. The Protime blood test results were phoned in to me late yesterday, they seem to be alright, another test now at the usual interval of one month.

Later. Another hour or so lying down. Not a nap really, in that there wasn't any sleep. More than a bit of drowsiness and that seems to have an effect, ready for the day anyway (now that it's noon). No chance for more pictures of the Lake Merritt Occupy raft, they took it in tow late yesterday afternoon they said on the news, the three people on board released on their own recognizance. Evidently being tagged for sailing a boat on the lake without a permit is equivalent to a speeding ticket, they don't throw you in the dungeon or use any mace. Which is good. Must remember that, not that I have a raft.

A short walk along the lake, my usual route across Grand to the shore and then left to the white columns and back. Not much of a walk taking a picture or two, my heart not in it. A bit of frustration over that maybe, my heart not being in the photographs, some attempt to break outside those constraints, but to naught. I know doing really good work in anything requires more than “some attempt”. Success requires bigger demons (or more backbone), although bigger demons by themselves are no definition of “success”. Backbone, though.... One of those conundrums we'll get around to addressing someday, but not today and certainly not tomorrow.

Later still. A duplication of the earlier walk, a walk that isn't quite long enough to be a walk. One or two photographs, the weather is really nice, but otherwise a return to the apartment after waiting on a bus for a couple of minutes looking for ways to convince myself I wanted to go downtown. Coffee at the Rotunda building? Didn't work. Walk the Occupy area? Didn't want to face that.

Even later still. Not so bad. The energy seems to kick up in the afternoons, so I finished straightening out the San Francisco Miscellaneous section on artandlife, separating out the various sections that contain only photographs from specific events from those sections that truly are a miscellaneous mix. I seem to have pretty much stopped creating “mixed” sections some time back and began making a point to take enough photographs at any given event to fill a section or more by themselves. Progress of sorts, unless it isn't. You never know with this stuff.

Down the hill to have sushi and sake early this evening, feeling more in the mood than in recent evenings when I've bailed. Too much money for too little gain maybe, but the sake was nice and the evening is as nicely lit as I am nicely lit. Not all that much sake, but heated, it goes straight to the head. Probably leaves sooner for that reason, but sooner than when? Leaves in an hour rather than an hour and a half? Who knows, who makes these calculations anyway? Certainly not I, deedle-dee-die.

It's maybe best you call it a night.

It's but seven in the evening and I have guitar practice ahead. And a Korean soap that's degenerated to the point I have to hide my head in embarrassment thinking about it here in an empty apartment. How often do you get to the point you feel you have to hide your head in embarrassment in your own empty house/apartment? No one knows about his habit now do they? Certainly you'd never confess to such? Probably indicates something I should pay attention to, but tomorrow, when the sun comes up and there's a new day ahead.

The photograph was taken at the entrance to Frank Ogawa Plaza at noon on Monday with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.