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December 15, 2011

Like Many Evenings

Thursday. To bed at a decent hour, up this morning with the alarm, to breakfast and back in the rain. They're saying we may have better weather tomorrow and I hope they're right, but a little rain now and again isn't all that disruptive. I need to have the car serviced later and another follow up Protime blood test, the car maintenance shop right next to the hospital lab, making it easy to accomplish both. For me to accomplish at all.

Later. I could have dressed warmer and added a sweater rather than deciding to make it easier for the needle to find the arm. Better to have dressed for warmth and then have spent an extra twenty seconds to shed the clothes. Dumb. Still, it went easy enough, not all that cold, not all that uncomfortable and I'd long ago stopped thinking about needles after the first few hundred or so.

A long wait in line beforehand checking in the car to get it serviced. The mechanic said yesterday had been dead but today was a madhouse and madhouse it was. OK, with that many cars in line, it didn't sound as if it was going to be ready any time soon. A short walk up to the hospital lab then, a walk afterward along Broadway to an ATM and then a bus stop on Grand, home in short order.

Ten minutes after arriving, the jacket off - the cell, glasses and various coins, wallet and such on the dresser - a call from the mechanic saying the car was ready. OK. Sooner than they'd said, but no way I was going to sit around near a garage drinking coffee waiting on a car to be serviced for an hour - two hours - only to have them deliver it an hour later than promised for a hundred dollars more. Besides, we like to walk. And jive. (hup! hup!)

Later still. A lie down for a nap. Didn't get to sleep, but did get some rest, feel better now after about an hour or so on this sunny/cloudy afternoon. A little time on the guitar, a little time futzing with artandlife moving sections and menus around. It will take a while to redo the whole thing, but it's coming along. Same with HereInOakland. I've yet to post the new design, but I'm making progress. Mr. P will be in the Netherlands over the holidays, but we'll finish it all up when he returns. (more hup!)

Other than that the day has gone as my many days seem to go anymore. I've been thinking of sushi and sake for dinner, but suspect I'll put it off. I don't need the sake and I don't really hanker after the sushi at the moment and, I suspect, the moment will last. The supermarket is crowded this early in the evening or I'd consider a run. There's a better quality sake in those small bottles I like than the sake they serve down the hill in a heated flask and I've learned over time to prefer sake at room temperature. A less jarring experience. This evening an evening like many evenings in other words.

The photograph was taken at the entrance to Frank Ogawa Plaza at noon on Monday with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.