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December 10, 2011

Clear For Another Year

Saturday. Tucked in by ten, up this morning some forty-five minutes after the alarm, to breakfast and back by eight. Quite a bit of sleep over these last two days, let's hope it's enough.

SantaCon coming up. The weather is just fine, the sun shining and all that good stuff, but I'm feeling a certain resistance to going over to San Francisco to photograph it. I most probably will, I've had these “I don't wants” before in the early mornings, even after a couple of cups of coffee, but we'll see. I need the photographs (said the man with the needle in his arm). I hope they're not the same, the needle and this digital photo stream I'm swimming in.

What in the hell are you talking about?

I dunno. I just came out. I'm in a good enough mood, just, I don't know, maybe a little moody. Something else to blame on the years? It or the weather, the change in seasons? Couldn't be me, of course. Not I. Wonderful I, up and conscious this morning, but just.

Later. I'm not sure why I was fighting heading over to the city, but I was, I was. I remembered (not hard to remember) I needed cash at the ATM, which is on the way to the downtown BART station, so I used that to get on a bus. Got to the ATM and found myself one short block from the BART entrance and that was (of course) enough. An ennui thing or something as I felt reasonably good. Anyway to the San Francisco City Center on a warm sunny day in December, looking for Santa.

And there were a lot of them. I arrived an hour early, they were to meet at twelve-thirty, but there were already a dozen or so Santas there when I arrived with many more a comin’ before they were done. So I started shooting and didn't stop for over an hour. I suspect some of the other photographers went along on the bar crawl or pub crawl or whatever they call this thing, but that would indeed have done me in. Still, a bunch of pictures, at least one new section for artandlife, although you never know. There could be two. Doodle-dee-do.

Back home now having put together three sections for artandlife. I have no idea if anyone will find them with the new directory structure, but they might. We'll find out. They'd never have found them in the old one. It took some time, of course, sixty some odd pictures, putting together the pages and such and I was noticing toward the end my mouth was awfully dry. I'd picked up an ice cream cone and the makings of two sandwiches for lunch, a turkey sandwich and a beef sandwich, the makings you buy in little packets. I figured that would get me through the afternoon and evening with a little luck.

The images on the computer started to fall apart, of course, and reality slipped away for about an hour or two. An ocular migraine, a reasonably intense one, not as intense as some, but this makes three I believe in the last, what, week? I should check. I have no idea what to blame it on, maybe yesterday's sushi and sake lunch that resulted in so many hours of sleep, maybe breakfast, maybe the stars, maybe Santa himself. Or herself. Or one of those little Munchkins he/she seems to hang out with.

Still, it's now quite late, the sections are up on artandlife, I did get some practicing in and now I'm ready for bed. Nothing on the schedule for tomorrow so we'll take it easy, watch the diet and see what may come.

Oh. The results of the PSA test came in the mail today, I'm clear for another year.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland Children's Holiday Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.