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December 9, 2011

After Nine

Friday. To bed last night before eleven, but not all that much before eleven, so we got up this morning two hours late at eight. No complaints, better to have gotten the sleep. A walk then to breakfast under a cold morning sun. Yes, I know, California cold, probably in the high forties as it's now in the low fifties, but a cold requiring a warm winter jacket and a turtleneck t-shirt. Cold.

Back now at ten. Yesterday was another good day for guitar as I probably got in another two hours. Just sitting in front of the T.V. watching whatever, there's no reason not to play. The worse the television, the greater the urge to fiddle with something else and I've got the guitar stand and amp sitting right there beside the chair. So good, the week ends on a good (guitar) note.

I have no idea what the rest of the day may bring. I have things to clear up before the end of the year. There's something called SantaCon that I've photographed in the past kicking off in front of the San Francisco City Hall tomorrow at 12:30, something I'll probably photograph. Not much going on outside to photograph for another two or three months so I need to catch those I can. It's something of a pub crawl attended by people in Santa suits, a reason to drink yourself insensible on a Saturday. I'll settle for one or two good pictures, my days of Santa crawling are over. I'm pretty sure, sitting here. I've thought, though, of getting one of those Santa stocking caps. Yes I have.

Later. My need, I think, to get out the door in the late mornings indeed drove me out the door today, but I had no urge to take a bus downtown, to walk over to the morning café or around on the other side to Lakeshore and it's various restaurants and shops. The bus I'd been thinking of catching had passed just seconds before I turned the corner, I finally figured this out looking at my smartphone and its "arriving" switching then next bus in thirty minutes on its display, so a walk along the lake to take the occasional photograph.

I did pass a young woman packing a tripod mounted with a large digital camera and a very long lens over her shoulder (by young I mean anywhere between thirty and fifty). I'd spotted and was photographing an egret under tree branches by the side of the lake as she was passing from the opposite direction, stopping, when she saw what I was doing, to shoot her own picture of the egret.

The woman, the equipment, the egret I was photographing with what I realized was the wrong lens for egrets got me to thinking of dragging a tripod and a large heavy lens of my own around, maybe to bring something like this guy closer so we could see his features. Oh, oh. Not the first time I've had that thought.

Two nice egrets on the boom protecting the fountain from the lake or the lake from the fountain, hard to say as a layman. Anyway, this short walk done I out of the blue decided to have a sushi-sake lunch at the usual place and spend the rest of the day on the guitar and watching news programs and my Korean soap through the afternoon and into the early evening. Not something you want to do too often, but it is the holiday season and I haven't done it since I can remember. (An advantage to short term memory loss? A disadvantage? We'll soon know.)

I don't actually “watch” these things, these news programs, but they're almost always on the in the background, just not at the moment as I'm a little fuzzed. Not too fuzzed you understand, the feeling will be good and last for about an hour, but we're fuzzed and not yet clear on how the afternoon will procede, other than on the guitar, of course. We are dutiful with our guitar, even when we're not.

So, a little different way to go in an afternoon. I'm curious to see if an ocular migraine is waiting in the wings. So far not, the head is pretty clear for being “fuzzed” but it's only two in the afternoon.

Later still. A quick nap I thought. A little buzzed/fuzzed, feeling good, a lie down for half an hour would be nice. Three hours later I awoke. My, my. Up to watch the news and fell to sleep immediately in the chair for another half hour. I can't remember ever falling asleep in a chair. My, my. Feeling good, at least. I should, this well rested. It's time for bed though, now that it's after nine.

The photograph was taken at 14th and Broadway with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with an 18-200mm f 3.5 - 5.6 Nikkor DX VR lens.