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Mask on an iron gate.

Under here.

December 27, 2008

Maybe Have Lunch
Saturday. Well, my half hearted attempt at “something different” yesterday was more an ambition than a determination, an ambition without a lot of juice. But what the devil, a good walk downtown, a comfortable evening in the apartment without regret (about anything, really, different or otherwise). We are back now from breakfast, it's eight in the morning, the sky seems quite clear and the sun is coming up. We need rain, of course, to end this three year drought, but that's a subject for another time, something to read about in the paper without another thought unless you're growing rice and I'm not.

I read the list of bowl games coming up later this week in the Chronicle and realized (without surprise) that I had no idea who was playing where, who'd had a good season and who'd not (I learned just now my old college team was zip for twelve). There was a time I followed football. There was a time as a kid I played football, as every kid early on played football, although I think I played more baseball than anything else. I've followed sports in the past, have occasionally thought in terms of buying a season ticket to, say, the local A's games now that I'm retired, but no great illuminating flashes at the thought. I suspect following a sports team at this stage isn't in the cards. Done that and done with that, but it's odd to read the Chronicle and realize how little I know of what's going on. (The U.W. Huskies are zip for twelve? Zip? Zip?)

Where'd that come from?

It's what came to mind.

Later. So the day has progressed without accomplishing much. Fed Ms. Emmy two or three times, she's still preparing for long term hibernation of some kind. I wrote a couple of entries in Facebook. I tried a nap without success. I believe I mentioned I had breakfast at the usual place. I'm looking forward to one of the Korean dramas I've been following on Saturday nights that's due in another hour. They call them dramas but I call them soaps for all the crying that seems to be involved. But that's about it. Tomorrow I think I'll walk around the Jack London Square area, take a look at one or two of the condominium buildings with units on sale. Actually I won't do that, but I will walk around Jack London Square, maybe have lunch.

The photograph was taken of a mask hung on an iron gate in Oakland with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 18 - 200mm f 3.5 - 5.6 Nikkor VR lens at 1/60th second, f 4.8, ISO 100.