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Through a window on Grand Avenue.

Under here.

December 25, 2008

Loner Or Not
Thursday. Back now from the usual place having had an excellent breakfast and a good hour to pour over the papers. Four or five other customers arrived while I was there, three couples and two loners like myself. There's some thought you should be upset if you're alone on a Christmas day, but there's always an exception, right? Am I the exception? Well, the sinue-head thing was behaving, the restaurant was warm and toasty compared to the cold rain on the ride over, the mind clear and the pancakes excellent. We'll see how it goes as the future unrolls, how I feel in another few years, but that's a worry for then while we're living in now.

You're saying the morning, Christmas morning as it happens, has started well?

Yes indeed, coming off a Christmas Eve that itself went well. We are hyped for whatever reason and there's been no sake involved. Could have been the eggnog, of course, the mulled wine, the Guinness and maybe that long forgotten stuff I found at the back of a desk drawer last night inside the little blue capsules.

I take it you're hallucinating.

Ah right. The little blue capsules. (This is just the writer in good spirits, good spirits lending themselves to bending the truth.)

It's raining and cold, although they're saying clear and sunny tomorrow. End of the rainbow weather has always been all over the block in my experience, you can never predict one Christmas from another, with or without global warming.

Later. Approaching noon, the sun breaking through. My, my. A call from Mr. M asking if I'd like to have dinner with them later this afternoon. I thought about it, there's always a certain feeling of charity in holiday invitations, but what the hell, why not? A good meal with friends: I can do that, loner or not.

The photograph was taken through a window yesterday on Grand Avenue with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at 1/160th second, f 2.8, ISO 200.