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At a lunch six years ago in Oakland

December 26th, 2006

One Of Them
Tuesday. Well, four days of frivolity and laid back living have passed. It's raining outside as I write, just after five in the afternoon. Otherwise the weather has been good. Dinner with MSS and MRE yesterday on Christmas Day, an excellent meal, a good evening. Time to talk about where we're going when we leave the company. They're not looking at retiring as I am, but they're looking at changing their careers. Many of the people who've been laid off are saying the same thing: getting out of whatever they've been doing in IT. I wonder what it means? Even “do or die IT is their life” stalwarts are talking about moving into something else. Or is that just the people I know? Probably, the swine. Flakes. Every one of them.

The photograph was taken at a lunch six years ago in Oakland on TMAX-400.