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San Francisco 2000 Gay Pride Parade

December 25th, 2006

Monday. Merry Monday Christmas, my buckos! Happy holidays too, doodle-dee-do! We have survived thus far into the winter darkness so there is hope we may make it to the other side. And the picture is to celebrate love and affection on this religious holiday without mentioning marriage, of course. Wouldn't want to offend no amend the Constitution Christians on Christmas.

This is Christmas and you're stirring up trouble?

That seems to be the way of the world listening, as I have been listening, to the news on the radio all day. Starvation and invasion seem to be the norm set against a background of AIDS and brewing Avian pandemic. At least the weather's been reasonably good, the sun out; rain, as it happens, forecast for tomorrow. Tomorrow doesn't really count as I plan to spend it inside developing black and white film. You've heard me discuss this in the past? Those rolls of black and white film I have sitting in my closet? You have? Well they are there and I am here (in Oakland) on Christmas Day, dinner later with MSS and MRE, Champagne cooling in the refrigerator, gas in the car, fog on the brain.

The photograph was taken at the 2000 Gay Pride Parade.