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Under Construction
At lunch in Oakland

December 3rd, 2003

The Suggestions
Tuesday. Two days short handed (people on vacation, people sick) and the days have gone by like lightening. Monday I was as tired as I've been in a while when I got home and slept a long hard eight hours. This evening my head is empty, but I'm feeling good albeit without a thought in my head as to what I might like to write.

I had lunch at PCB with friends from the company. Not particularly crowded, there are a number of new restaurants opening in the area and I suspect not all of them will make it unless the new mostly empty office building next to the twin Federal towers is leased out to big eaters. Which could happen. It could. Really.

You could, you know, just put off writing until you have an idea.

Then nothing would get written. I often don't really start until about the third paragraph. If I were writing for publication I'd axe those first two, but this is a practice space of some sort (I really have no idea what this is) and I'm lazy. Lazy is the operational statement.

The photograph was taken with the new 105mm lens. My exposure control on the F3 isn't as good as it is on the F5's and this was the only shot I liked out of 36 (I picked the proof sheet up yesterday after work), but 1 out of 36 seems worth it. It gets me just close enough sitting at a table in a restaurant (or bar). The 135mm is better at parades. The old adage, "if you're not happy with your photographs get closer to the subject" was coined, I have no doubt, by a photographer who'd moved to a 105 or a 135 from a 50. Real photographers who have studied actual photographic techniques probably know this guy's name. Or her name. This close to Berkeley you want to cover your bases.

Wednesday. MSM sent me a suggestion I apply for a newspaper reporter's job she'd run across in Sonoma. I have never been a newspaper reporter, decided against being a newspaper reporter in college and assume (I think rightly) you don't start a newspaper reporter's career at the age of sixty in a shrinking market. I don't think. If I'm not related to the editor. I know the wineries up there, some of them were my clients, but I've done my stint in Napa, and Sonoma seems, well, territory travelled. Maybe I'm crazy. I've asked MSM to keep up with the suggestions.

The photograph was shot at a recent lunch in Oakland with a Nikon F3 and 105mm f 1.8 Nikon (Nikkor) lens on Kodak TMAX 400.