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San Francisco Journalcon photos
Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley

December 15th, 2002

On The Subject
I'm starting to feel jumpy. I said I could feel the walls moving in, but that was anticipatory. Today, with the rain, nothing on television, nothing I want to listen to on the radio, no photographs to take, no walks to make, no thoughts in my head, no ambition; today, indeed, the walls are moving. Maybe that means I'm well on my way to recovery.

There's a street fair over on Telegraph that I've shot before. An attempt to get people out and spending their money, but it's December, and even in California it rains in December and today in December it's raining. So much for Telegraph Avenue. I should probably take the (still blank) Telegraph page off artandlife. I'm not sure I have enough photographs to fill the thing anyway, put what little I have under miscellaneous. I have a lot of miscellaneous.

The phone will ring every now and then, a couple of rings before I pick it up, and the line will be silent. I've always thought it was a computer of some kind making pre calls to see if anyone was home. They ring, you pick up, and some guy calls you in an hour. The phone company has been calling lately, I don't know if they're in the pre call business or not. They've adopted a scum bag screw your customer marketing strategy, fuck 'em over for every nickel they can get. They're putting the screws to us here for DSL service it says in the paper, something about jacking our rates up if we don't subscribe to their cable service. I don't subscribe to their cable service, I don't want to subscribe to their cable service. With the stuff I have online, DSL, domain names and the rest, I spend more than enough with my phone company. Mumble.

Later. When I awoke this morning I could see stars bright through the bedroom window. Plenty of clouds and there's another storm coming, but I was able to have breakfast and then drive downtown to pick up some forms at the office, MSJ having done the legwork and left them on my desk, without getting wet.

The personal problem is getting drier. Wednesday will mark the second week since the catheter came out and those first few days were scary, but these last few days have given me confidence this condition is temporary, a matter of building the muscles and returning to work will not be overly traumatic. How's that for laying a jinx on your head?

The photograph was taken on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley.