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San Francisco Journalcon photos
San Franicsco Carnaval parade

December 11th, 2002

Too Many Entries
An easy walk to breakfast this morning at my usual cafe in the Grand Lake theater district. Dry during the night, dry when I'm sitting, not so dry when I'm up and walking, although I'm thinking this is good progress for a first full week since losing the catheter. Goes fast. I have no idea how long it will be before things get back to normal, but I now think they will get back to normal (something I couldn't assume before I'd had the operation). How's that for upbeat? No thoughts yet about any, um, erectile dysfunction.

More work on artandlife. Plenty of squares without pictures, but the links are working. I did discover my email link was dead. I called the ISP tech support group last night and they corrected the problem, but anyone who's written with a question (or - I hope not - requesting their photograph be removed) hasn't gotten an answer. Dumb. I've learned to live with dumb. No other option.

I am feeling stronger. You get your head around stuffing baby diapers down your jockey shorts every morning and you forget any concern with strength and endurance. The fact I'm working on artandlife, the fact I don't need to crawl into bed every other hour are both good signs. I need to walk if only to get out of the apartment and I want to be ready to walk the two miles into work when I return at the end of the month.

Later. I drove down to Jack London Square to pick up a couple of things at the discount liquor store. A gift for a friend and another jug of whiskey for your's truly, although I haven't had a drink since the operation. All this talk about thin walls, don't lift anything heavier than ten pounds, wait six weeks before farting in the shower, these things have me nervous about adding whiskey. But I bought a jug. Just in case.

This sounds schoolmarmish, doesn't it? Like a kid looking for a pat on the head. Al Gore running for president. Too much time on my hands, maybe, too many entries.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade.