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San Francisco Journalcon photos
San Franicsco Carnaval parade

December 10th, 2002

Roaming The Streets
Leaky, and I can feel the walls of this apartment closing in, so I'm going to walk today, rain or shine, wet or dry. I wanted to go to the local bay area peace demonstration being held here at noon in front of the Oakland City Hall, but that's overly ambitious. Maybe take the bus and spend an hour to show the flag, but no attempt to get it on film. And it's raining, or, at least, it was raining this morning when I awoke. The electricity in the neighborhood went out as I was finishing my bath, which says I should stop getting out of bed before daylight, but there was a flashlight on the bathroom counter and I had matches and candles within reach. Back to bed. This place is a cave without electricity: Nothing to see, nothing to eat, nothing to hear except my heart beat, pitty-pat, pitty-pat. Awww....

The sun is now showing through. Slate grey rain clouds outside my window, but the sun is streaming in off stage from the right. A sign, perhaps. Step out, youngster. Step out.

Later. I added photographs to artandlife after lunch. Nothing much, but if I did this every day, the site would be finished by the end of the month. Finished in the sense of no more broken links. A sign of more energy, I think.

I managed to walk down to the local 7 - 11 look alike late this morning to pick up a paper (and a tuna fish sandwich), walking back the long way along the lake. You know, like an extra hundred yards. Another walk this afternoon down to the Grand Lake theater district, a large coffee and a Cranberry muffin at my breakfast place. Fine. The incontinence seems less severe. Still with me, but I can see it's a question of muscles getting into shape and my unconscious mind learning to "squeeze" without thinking. The body wants this as much as I. It knows there's no survival value in peeing down your leg, what with wolves, saber toothed tigers and girls with turned up noses roaming the streets.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade.