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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 23, 2017


Wednesday. Lights out just after ten to then have another night of awakening at odd hours again not able to just zonk out right through until six. This morning it was six-fifteen, which is good, but again, on and off, on and off. Still: wide awake, up and out the door with all three papers in tow on another overcast but not overly cold morning.

An avocado with (light on the) cheese omelet, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, exactly one hundred and fifty pounds when I got up on the scale again this morning, so the one or two pounds I've been hassling with these last few weeks since the trip up north are gone.

An almost dark overcast to and from breakfast, overcast as I write. Still, some sun maybe later when we go to the lab for the monthly Protime blood thinner test. Interested in seeing how they're doing with the construction project at 27th and farther on at the apartment house construction site across from the lab.

Later. I got a little too antsy and so set out for the lab earlier than a sensible person might, catching a bus to Broadway and then walking through the apartment house site that burned down last month while under construction, taking a few pictures and then on up Broadway to photograph the a much larger corner of 27th and Broadway apartment house and retail construction site, now surrounded by a high wire fence. Fence or not, took pictures.

Still arrived half an hour before the lab opened dawdling or not through the picture taking as I walked and so had two containers of yogurt and a small coffee at the café out in front of the lab (killing fifteen of those minutes) and then waited at the door for the lab people to come back from lunch, watching with some interest the people interact as they were passing by.

I was the only one in line and so in and out in about five minutes to then walk back along Broadway, turning left at 27th to pick up apples and peaches again at the Whole Foods market. I still had something like twenty bucks left on a gift card I've been carrying with me now forever and figured why not? They're good for you, taste good and trundling them home was good exercise.

Good enough exercise to make me lie down on the bed for five minutes to let the head reassemble when I got home. Still, with the walk and such, a better day than many.

For babble.

Evening. They run Law & Order episode all day on Wednesdays, but none, it turned out, that I haven't seen before. I like the way this series splits between catching the crook during the first half hour and then trying the crook during the second half hour, but having seen them before makes me skip many of them when I see how they start. I might not remember the story lines, but I seem to recall the beginnings and how I reacted the first time I watched. Ah, well. Wednesdays. Predictable in many ways.

Did stay up to watch the beginning of Midsomer Murders at eight, but again, found it difficult to warm to the story line, the settings and the (what for me are scrambled) accents and so to bed. Hadn't written a word of this here since I got back from the lab, putting it off until the morning, and so obviously tired and a little scrambled after another every four weeks Wednesday trip to the lab.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Art & Soul Festival Sunday with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.