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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 17, 2017


Thursday. Tired and so lights out before ten to awaken briefly but once to then get up just before six and take my time getting ready to head out, time enough for the East Bay Times to arrive. Overcast, as usual, but a decent enough walk to breakfast, passing a Black-crowned Night Heron pecking at the remains of a discarded fast food meal of some kind. Haven't seen one along Grand in a while.

The avocado and cheese omelet (light on the cheese), country potatoes, toast, orange slices and coffee for breakfast. Still at the target weight on the scale this morning, if that means anything in going with the omelet for breakfast. We do go on and on with our morning rationalizations.

And into the afternoons and evenings.

We are, if nothing, consistent.

Still overcast on the walk home, the temperature fine, not a lot of people this morning on the sidewalks. Sometimes there are, sometimes there aren't. People. The way of the world.

We're well into you babbling here.

Spacey, maybe. More than anything.

Later. A bus to the City Center to have a pastry and coffee at a table in front of the bagel shop. Not particular reason, just did it to get out of the apartment. And yes, picked up a box of Good & Plenty before walking by the City Hall on my way to the construction site at 17th and Broadway, taking a bit more time, this time, to set up the few photographs. A little more time. Lots of exotic looking equipment operating in a small space.

A walk on farther by the old Sears building, thinking I might go to the Broadway ATM and then on to Grand to take more pictures at the apartment house fire site, but caught the passing bus instead at 20th, getting off almost immediately at Webster at Grand, if not for the pictures, then for the exercise in walking the rest of the way home. That was the rationalization, anyway.

Oh, and I'd been caught by the construction they'd started on Grand near Harrison when passing by it on the bus downtown and wanted to take pictures both there beyond Harrison and by Children's Fairyland. This area on Grand has been “under construction”, some kind of construction, now since I'm able to remember.

Evening. Tired without the focus to do any writing here, not unusual I'm afraid, and so time with the tablet, the usual checking out of Charlie Rose at eight for twenty minutes and then to bed, leaving half the pictures linked above to process tomorrow morning. Blitzed and tired because of the walking I'd done earlier? I hope not.

The photo up top was taken at the Pistahan Festival Sunday in San Francisco with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.