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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 25, 2016

They're After

Thursday. Lights out before ten, awake and up at six-thirty and so a good night's sleep. I'd say. A walk on another overcast day to breakfast and back, had the Crab Benedict in a quandary over what I might like to eat. Too many quandaries over what I might like to eat. At least I get to choose, some people don't, one or two of whom I pass by now and again on the sidewalk. Best to remember that.

Home to look at the mess I'd written yesterday. Finished whatever editing I could manage at about the time I started feeling funky. Maybe call it a precursor to an ocular precursor, a light-weight heads up that was pretty much gone in something like an hour. Too many of these lately. Go back to my plain waffle with sliced fruit for breakfast? Well? Been wrestling with this for far too long, maybe just shut up. Give it a rest. Hot air, with little to no substance.

Later. Better now that it's into the afternoon. A walk over to the lake without a plan, a series of pictures of a sparrow just because I'd spotted it, a walk then on to the morning café to have a BLT, potato salad and coffee, leaving most of the potato salad on the plate. Good potato salad, just too much potato salad. Must remember to warn them the next time I order.

And so back home. The sun came out as I was heading out and it's now warm enough out there to not only shed the light jacket, but to sit here with the fan running at the computer. The sinuses-upper palate could be better, but otherwise we're, well, we're thinking our adventures for the day are done and another dose of the pain meds might prove useful.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now after finishing up what turned out to be a funky later afternoon watching more of the American Crime series on the tablet. I'm still not sure I'm liking the damned thing, but I am sure it doesn't get better if you're watching it while under the last rumblings of an ocular episode. Even if it's just a whiff of an ocular event.

Tomorrow we change the diet.

Just do it.

The head seems OK as it approaches seven. Nothing I want to see on television, the various PBS stations are raising money and the programs they're providing in raising funds aren't of interest, even though I'm in the demographic they're after.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Oakland Art & Soul Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.