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August 24, 2016

Does It Not

Wednesday. Gave up on watching American Crime well before ten last night to turn the lights out and awaken this morning at six. OK, a decent night's rest. Good. Really.

Overcast on the walk to breakfast, a decent walk, the attitude pretty good. Had a mushroom and Swiss (cheese food) omelet for breakfast that I wasn't able to finish. Always feel a little guilty about not cleaning the plate, but enough this morning was more than enough. A picture or two walking back home to then diddle with yesterday's entry before posting. I really do need to go over them better during the early part of the day when I'm more coherent.

Have no idea what I'm going to do today, although I have this, what seems to be real, urge to get out and go somewhere I haven't been to in a while. I seem to be pretty comfortable with my solitary existence, but I wonder if it isn't causing me to pull in the horns way, way too far. I usually blame it on age, but other thoughts do occasionally occur.

Later. So much for getting out somewhere new after what is now obviously a poky sort of day. A bath later in the morning, a walk to the café by the fitness center, heading over to the lake for a picture or two before crossing back over Grand to the café and ordering an ice cream sandwich and coffee. The head a little funky, more for the sinuses and upper palate doing its little dance with the feeling tired gene that seems to have bloomed as we've gotten older.

I knew one of my cousin's daughters was traveling in Europe, but hadn't realized she was in Assisi, not that far from the earthquake in Italy, learning she was alright from her Facebook post where she describes being awakened in the middle of the night when she awoke to find her room had “became a rodeo bronco”. Brings something like this a little closer, reminds us we're due for one here.

And if your apartment turns into a “bucking bronco”?

I have many small, relatively heavy items, that will go bouncing off the walls and maybe off their current owner.

Otherwise an hour lying down attempting sleep. Sleep didn't come, but it did flirt. Checked the blood pressure: 103/78. Not sure about the 103 on top, seems a bit low, but I'm suspecting it's alright.

The sun came out around noon with the temperature good, so the walk was done in a long sleeved shirt and sitting in the sun didn't seem to cause discomfort. We're rattling on here, but that seems accurate.

And what now?

The three o'clock News Hour is about to start. We'll listen to the news as we sit at the computer and process the few pictures taken earlier. Sounds about right for a late afternoon.

Later still. In walking to the café along the lake and on through the white column pergola, I ran across this and took a picture, not sure who it was for or why it was placed at that spot. In looking at the picture later on the computer I realized there were two pictures taped to the wall, one of a blanket spread out with items for sale and another of the older man who'd been there selling them at the pergola for these last several years. I've passed him by many, many times and I'd noted, if not wondered, why I'd not seen him this last week or so. Seems we now have an answer.

Evening. I've run out of gas on the two or three television series I've been watching on the tablet. Happens as often as not. Sometimes they suck me back in, sometimes they don't. Listened to Democracy Now (as usual), they had a couple of interesting pieces today on climate change. Not sure why climate change has gotten such a hold on me, but I follow it on quite a few web sites and newspapers that specialize in climate coverage. Some do it better than others.

Nothing of interest on Charlie Rose and so a late afternoon and early evening watching one or another Law & Order episodes, some better than others.

Life has come to this? Watching Law & Order episodes on television?

Life demonstrates a certain sense of humor, does it not?

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Oakland Art & Soul Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.