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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 20, 2016


Saturday. Up once during the night, but lights out before ten and awakening at six-thirty after what I'm guessing was a good night. So far, so good.

Another fight about walking this morning, but no problem once I'd left the apartment, the walk itself slipping nicely right on by. An avocado and cheese (again, not much cheese) omelet with country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee, the weight coming in this morning at one forty-nine as it did yesterday on the scale. Playing with fire? Or just babbling? For the moment we'll go with babbling. Requires less editing when you're willing to just let it slip on by.

The Oakland Art & Soul Festival today and tomorrow. Some thought to go light and carry but one camera, but we'll undoubtedly opt for the usual two. Do they get heavier as I get older? I suspect they do, but another weight test coming later today and tomorrow. I may end up taking photographs with a smart phone before this life is done.

At least you'd still be taking pictures.

And babbling on about how much sleep I might have gotten and if ninety-nine pounds was too little to weigh in the mornings when stepping on the scale.

Later. A bath and then lying down on the bed for an hour to kill time before Art & Soul opens at noon. Best to arrive well after noon (he said). Put the long lens camera in the backpack, checked the battery charges again and set off to catch the bus, the smart phone app saying one was arriving in ten minutes when I checked in the apartment. The phone app said six minutes to wait when I arrived at the stop just as the bus pulled up. I realized later there probably was a bus that had arrived six minutes later, but jarring at the time to think the app would be that far off.

Still, the sun had come out, the day was nice and we arrived at twelve-thirty, what I soon realized was way too early given the size of the crowd. I remembered I'd made this same mistake last year and the year (more probably years) before. Still, two hours of walking around taking too few pictures of the audience and performers on stage.

Sounds like a beginner's tale: all thumbs and no brains.

Maybe best to not mention this in public.

Later still. In looking at last year's Art & Soul sections up on the web sites, I noticed some of the 2015 photographs and one of the sections had been mislabeled 2014. Just two of the photographs, but still. Why didn't I catch them back then? OK, make corrections and start processing today's pictures. The usual “I screwed them up” thoughts and doubts, but at least we have another day and another way to make good on them tomorrow.

Evening. Watched two episodes of Law And Order, a police procedural I find I can watch when they don't get too far into crimes against kids and other even ickier stuff. This while picking through an old guitar lesson I haven't quite mastered after a year or more practice. I'm better at it now, but, you know, just.

The photo up top was taken last Saturday at the San Francisco Pistahan Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.