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Here In Oakland

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August 19, 2016

Time For

Friday. A good night's sleep. However uneven it may seem at times, the sleeping seems to be going OK, it's just something to write about early in the morning when nothing much otherwise is happening.

So, up in pretty good shape, the first five minutes spent wondering what the hell I was doing, was I really going to god damned walk to breakfast in this state of body and mind, the head coming together by the time I was closing the door and heading out under another overcast sky. The usual Bay Area in August overcast sky.

All of which means?

The day has started well. The weight, however, was one forty-nine on the scale this morning, a pound less than it was yesterday. Not sure what's happening there. One-fifty, if only as a number, has been the target. All is well at one-five-oh. Is this too little? An unusual thought. I think not, although you can kid yourself about such things, particularly without any past experience.

We'll take another shot at clearing out the apartment today, continue with the bedroom, end perhaps by getting rid of the surplus queen size mattress. (A some near future date.) It's stacked under the current mattress and it means we have to “jump up” onto the bed, probably something you don't want to continue to do as you get older and the reflexes deteriorate. He's dead. Oh, really? How? He fell out of bed on his head.

So we'll see how we do with our project (by the next paragraph).

Later. Some progress in the bedroom, unless you look at the amount of time spent in accomplishing it. Maybe an hour. There's more to do and time left in the day to follow through though.


The usual “I'm hungry, but can't think of anything I'm willing to eat” routine, finally grabbing a camera and heading over to the lake to sit and continue to think about it in the sun. Not all that many people about and so a walk to the café by the fitness center for coffee and an ice cream sandwich. Why coffee and an ice cream sandwich? No idea, but getting there was easy and eating ice cream easier still.

A couple of pictures of cormorants on the lake, another test of how to handle the light when after cormorants. Not great pictures, not tack sharp focus, but interesting enough to warrant the shots.

A photograph of a bicycle on the way home, tethered to a pole at the base of my hill, because I wasn't sure what it was. Looked up Ritchey, the name that was printed on the seat post and found, if it was a Ritchey bike, it would go for four thousand bucks. I suspect the seat post is a Ritchey part and the bike itself has been cobbled together by the rider or the shop where he or she bought it. About bikes I know not. Either way you hope it's securely tethered.

Toys for the boys.

And girls.

Evening. Democracy Now and then a New Tricks I'd seen before, but didn't really remember it. Certainly not who'd done what to whom, although the scenes, when they played, were familiar. Some of them.

Nothing on Charlie Rose I wanted to see, although I might have enjoyed it if I'd gotten into it. An hour long interview with Amy Schumer. Know the name, know of the show, but have never seen it. So much for curiosity.

Time for bed, there's the Art & Soul Festival to photograph tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the San Francisco Pistahan Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.