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August 30, 2015

Just Now

Sunday. To bed early enough, I seem to recall, awakening maybe once on another overly warm night and then sleeping straight through to seven, thirty minutes beyond the time the alarm is usually set to sound except on Sundays. Hmm. Slow to get up, but no slower than on any other morning, the energy kicking in within the usual five minutes or so to walk to the morning café to read the papers over breakfast.

The sky clear, the sun rising, the day ahead except, when I got home, I pretty much immediately crashed after posting yesterday's entry and spent a good two plus hours dozing, the radio droning on in the background. Did the same thing yesterday thinking, at the time, we've now gotten this out of our system. Tired. Why so tired?

Now approaching two and the head seems to be piecing itself together. Another slow day. Not sure that's good or bad, can't really think of anywhere I'd like to go one way or another.

Evening. More time on the tablet. We're running out of interest in the things we're finding on the tablet. Nothing on television and so the day has gone, lying down dozing and futzing around with the web and the tablet. Let us hope this isn't going to happen very often.

You didn't post another apartment house section?

Didn't even think about it. Can't feel guilt if you're not even thinking about it. Well, until just now.

The photo up top was taken by the Grand Lake theater exit door yesterday morning walking home from breakfast with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 17-55mm f 2.8 DX Nikkor lens.