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Here In Oakland

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August 28, 2015

They Might

Friday. An uneven night's sleep, awakening three or four times, the temperature still quite warm and so sleeping with the fan running at the foot of the bed. Warm this morning when I finally awakened some three minutes before the alarm and so opened the sliding balcony door wide as I left, see if I couldn't get the apartment cooler before we have to button it up later when I got back. Life on the griddle, here in Oakland.

Now, now.

Took a couple of pictures of the store they've been putting in on Grand on the way to breakfast. I like the color. Loud, but somehow right. The entire strip is going more and more upscale, although there's still a number of homeless people you see this early on the street. The “young man” who was shot yesterday morning by a policewoman not far from my apartment was described as homeless (and troubled). Rents up, people out and homeless. Right there outside your door.

Overcast now, although the sky had looked as if it were going to be clear straight through the day, while walking to breakfast. For the best. Too warm is too warm anymore, particularly when you've been following the climate change press so closely. Makes you fret. Life is too short to fret. Too much. On a Friday, anyway. He said.

Later. The sun came along in the later morning and the skies are now clear and it's warm out there and it's warm in here. Not as warm in here as out there sitting in front of the fan, but warm enough, having just returned from taking today's set of apartment house construction site photographs. Glad I'm not employed up on the building or out on the street moving paper sacks full of white stuff. Whatever the white stuff, stating the obvious.

Ninety degrees here north of the lake, humidity down around forty percent. Feels as if it were higher, but better than the eighty percent humidity they're saying we've been having in the evenings and over night. Not sure why that would be true. Humid sea breezes? Not sure.

Tired and so lying down as often as not, taking the fan with me into the bedroom. We'll process the apartment house pictures and see if we can put together another section for the web. I'm now behind on my post one section a day schedule that I was talking about yesterday.

Sounds about right.

Embarrassing though.

Later still. Another section up on the web sites. Still a day behind on my idea of putting up one a day to catch up, but better behind one than two.

I've never had sinus problems before that operation ten years ago where the surgeon got up into them with a scalpel, so I don't know what other people experience who experience sinus issues with the weather. Mine are acting up, and yes, there's a certain amount of pain due to the operation, but I'm wondering if I'm also experiencing additional symptoms that have to do with the weather, the pollen or whatever it is that floats about in the air. Blowing my nose so often after eating. I'd never done that in the past. Do it now. A lot.

There's an app I loaded to the tablet that displays the local ozone content and particulate content locally in Oakland and the numbers are up, but according to them, not over the top. OK. Not sure if that's bad or good. Maybe talk about this with someone who knows about such stuff. Meanwhile another dose of the pain meds, see how that works out.

Evening. Cooling down outside, but still quite warm inside and so all the windows are open along with the screen on the sliding balcony glass door. My, my.

Watched a New Tricks I've seen too many times. Sort of remembered who'd done it, although not many of the particulars. Not that I ever remember many of the particulars.

Another Charlie Rose at eight I found I could let pass me by, although it was three interviews with three different well known photographers on the craft (that I'd seen before) and so to bed and the tablet. Pretty exciting for us guys here on a Friday night you'd have to say if anyone were to ask. You never know, they might.

The term is: put a sock in it.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Art & Soul Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.