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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 26, 2015

A Difference

Wednesday. Lights out a little early, awake just before the alarm that's set for six-thirty and so another decent night's sleep. Up, wide awake and off to breakfast, carrying the D4 camera over the left shoulder this time, the newspapers (as usual) folded under the arm. Overcast, but bright enough by seven to have people out on the street to discourage any safety problems and so a comfortable walk. Comfortably watching one and all.

For some reason, camera in hand now after these last few days, I took more pictures than I usually would walking home. How many times have I walked this stretch? Not a lot of new ways to see and draw your attention to a potential photograph. Which means I haven't been paying attention. Or I've been lazy. The usual suspects.

Later. A bout of feeling tired and so to bed to lie down for a while - were did that come from? - but up soon enough to put together another section of apartment house construction site photographs and post them to the web. Why I'm still taking these remains a question. They're not original or technically very good, yet I continue to take them day in and day out. Yes, it gets me out the door, but there are other subjects I prefer taking out there as well.

Nothing wrong with construction/industrial/whatever photographs, but they, like candid portraits, have their own set of rules and, if you're drawn to take them, you don't take them the way I've been taking them. Unless you're kidding yourself. Maybe we'll finish these up and try another similar project, only approach it with an actual plan in mind and pay attention to how they're composed. Take images that draw people in by their quality, subjects aside.

A walk over to the apartment house construction site earlier to take today's set of pictures and you have how the morning has moved into this early afternoon. We'll do Latham Square tomorrow when we're picking up another prescription refill. He said with some confidence.

Evening. Skipped Death In Paradise at eight as I'd seen it before. Didn't quite remember how the deed was done, but I did remember from the first few scenes who'd done it and that was excuse enough to bail. That and wondering why I seem to watch this particular series and shun many another most people find popular.

We're drifting.

The tablet has started losing its Wi-Fi connection again. It started after the earthquake dumped the unit to the floor and now, after putting it back in place up on its bookshelf, it still doesn't seem to be working. A now damaged unit? Something else? How do you tell? Test it in the living room with a line of sight connection between tablet and unit and see if that makes a difference?

The photo up top was taken walking to breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.