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Here In Oakland

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August 24, 2015

That Phone

Monday. We did get to bed early, we did turn out the lights by ten (well, ten oh-six, after listening to the news) and we did get what I'm guessing was a pretty good night's rest. I'd packed the D4 camera in the backpack last night, thinking I'd carry it to breakfast and then take it out and carry it in hand on the way back. Many more people about on the street and on the sidewalks on the way back, but I took the small Nikon 1 camera instead.

And that will maybe be for the last time. Yesterday, when I'd taken pictures with the Nikon 1, I hadn't realized I'd at some point moved one of the adjustment dials and ended up taking an odd combination of jpegs rather than the RAW images needed. So the pictures were crap. And the head, now that it's had more time to come to grips with the theft, is ready to get back to camera carrying norm. A more watchful norm. He said.

Back to the apartment after photographing the pandorea vine and taking one or two other pictures to test the now properly setup small Nikon. This morning's outing will be its last.

You say these things with confidence and then break your promise in the very next paragraph.

Now, now. It's only nine in the morning. We're usually not in the mood for reality before noon.

And not even then.

And not even then. In some people's lives that's called success.

Later. A walk to the apartment house construction project to take a set of pictures. They've obviously been making progress in this last week and so of spotty coverage. Back home, processed the pictures and then put together three sections of May and June apartment house photographs, moving them to the web, thinking I'd better catch up now or I'm never going to catch up. Have many more to do before I'm current, maybe see see how many more I'm able to put together, how close to current I can get by the end of the week.

Evening. Finished the web sections by seven and then headed for the tablet and bed. I'd left a phone message with the insurance people earlier this morning, but no response. Don't expect to hear anything from the police with what little information they had to work with and wonder if they even looked at that phone.

The photo up top was taken at Oakland Art & Soul with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.