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August 11, 2015

Some Level

Tuesday. Again, not a big deal, but awakening twice after getting to bed and then lights out before ten last night. Just the way it goes, I suppose. Awake and up fifteen minutes before the alarm to walk to breakfast on a grey overcast morning. Not particularly cold, a light jacket over a t-shirt, more like what we call a Bay Area summer than some of those days we've had in the eighties. More likely to get them in the spring and in the fall, days in the eighties.

Still haven't done anything on my to do list, but we'll think about it and only mention it again if something gets done. Why I'm dreading doing what's needed to get rid of that mattress I don't know. Just make a phone call and experience what would then be a psychological lift. Doesn't really impinge on the life otherwise.

You've got a queen size mattress sitting on its side in your bedroom and you say it doesn't impinge on your life? Most people would be embarrassed.

I'm embarrassed, but obviously not enough when it's just you in the bedroom.

Later. A walk to the ATM on Lakeshore with the sky now clearing and the sun starting to bear down, no thought to go by Latham Square or the apartment house construction site to take pictures. Maybe just feeling in a rut, change the schedule somewhat as in “what the fuck”.

Thought about having a yogurt and coffee at the Lakeshore bagel shop, but the outside tables were full. Passed by the ice cream shop without a second look and on to the apartment to lie down for a bit. Tired maybe. Not too tired, but not hungry, not excited and certainly not thinking of going out.

Still, with no photographs to take or process, once the nap was finished (no actual sleep, but a decent period fogging out) put together two sections of Latham Square photographs that now get us posted through the 10th of the month. And no, no thought to continue on and assemble and post any more of the Avévista apartment photographs. We'll get to them, just don't know when.

No calls made to get rid of the mattress, no self portraits, no calls about heading up to Portland, but I did watch a couple of things on the tablet. Still feel in decent shape for this hopeless lack of interest in getting anything (other than the web photo sections) done. Don't have days quite like this one often, so we'll chalk it up to its being an outlier on life's long wiggly path. And leave it at that.

You said you wouldn't talk about any of this until you actually got one of them done.

Evening. More tablet and then lights out. Not a bad day, just a little different, if not in what was done (if anything was done), but in the attitude toward all of it. Which, I'm sure, doesn't make sense from the description, but seems to make sense to me at some level.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the ‘Vigil for Mike Brown and All Our Fallen’ with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.