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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 10, 2015


Monday. My memory of last night is a little hazy. To bed early and to sleep at what was a decent hour, but to awaken twice and then having to take time dropping off again. Doesn't happen often and it wasn't overboard or anything like that, staring at the walls and such, but finally to awaken ten minutes before the alarm to get up and get out the door walking to breakfast. A decent start to an overcast and somewhat cool morning. The week awaits.

You've talked about doing things in this last week, simple things, but none of them have gotten done.

Odd to watch me say and then not come close to doing any of them, even to me. Let's see if we can cross any of them off the list, make that decision on whether to head out this week for Portland. I've been putting it off for no good reason other than sloth.

Later. A bath, the second now in the last three days, but no need to think about the drought when the scalp starts to itch. The scalp is now happy, but we're keeping track.

Ran the weekly Protime blood thinner test after the bath, the number where we want to see it, a call not long afterward from the nurse confirming all was well. OK, a good early start, a bus then downtown to Latham Square at ten-thirty to take pictures. Still plenty of activity digging up the street. Still not sure why resurfacing requires so much pipe replacement/installation, other than you don't dig up an old street without checking and replacing the pipes and culverts.

A salad and coffee out at the usual table at the bagel shop. For all the ice cream, buns and cookies I've eaten at noon, I've still been getting a half decent balance during the rest of the day, but the greens have suffered and we'll see if salads at noon improves the mix.

No more ice cream?

No need to sacrifice ice cream. We've mostly given up on alcohol, but we haven't yet given up on life.

Stopped at the apartment house construction site on the way home where they're finishing coating the courtyard walls. I'm guessing it's the last coat they'll apply before painting, if it even needs painting. I have no clue and so I'll just shoot the pictures and ask the next time I have a conversation with the crew.

Evening. More time on the tablet. Restful, at least. Nothing much on television, but that's the norm here until about Thursday when there's a chance. Spent time on the guitar (but not enough time on the guitar) in between times on the tablet, but I'm guessing lights out early tonight. Oh the excitement.

Now, now.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the ‘Vigil for Mike Brown and All Our Fallen’ with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.