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Here In Oakland

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August 4, 2015

The World

Tuesday. Lights out by ten. Well, fifteen minutes after ten, which is probably why I slept right up to, but not quite to the six-thirty alarm. OK, no harm done, up and out the door to walk on a clear skies morning to breakfast, the air quite nice in a t-shirt and light jacket. Home under a bright sun, the temperature still quite comfortable, although I suspect the day will get warmer. Much warmer.

A haircut appointment at eleven, so a bus to the ATM and then on to take the Latham Square pictures in another hour. I'd forgotten yesterday I had access to the Rotunda building stairwell window and climb the stairs and take pictures, something we'll fix this morning.

Later. So much for sun and clear skies, both had pretty much disappeared by the time I set out on the bus to the Broadway ATM and then on to the Latham Square construction area, taking the usual set of pictures and remembering to take the elevator to the third floor and the stairwell window. Still, cool without being anywhere near cold and comfortable in a t-shirt and light jacket.

Arrived fifteen minutes early to the haircut appointment, but there was no one in front of me in the chair and I was able to sit and get clipped with plenty of time then to catch the bus home, getting off to take apartment house construction site pictures without hesitation, the photo chores wrapped by noon.

Which is good.

Which is very good, particularly when the head feels clear and the outlook seems unusually upbeat. Sitting here comfortably in the fast lane, in other words. So to speak.

Later still. Processed the photographs well into the afternoon, taking a break to walk to the 7-11 look-alike for a bag of Chipotle peanuts (it says “wicked hot” on the package, although I find them no more than “quite warm”).

And so photographs, along with more time on the tablet until Netflix booted me off with a “lost connection, try again later” message. That hasn't happened yet with Amazon, but we'll survive. We usually do.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now with Naomi Klein on the President's announcement today of the new EPA carbon dioxide restrictions. We're still in deep kimchi with our carbon emissions. I'll see how Charlie Rose handles the same subject later this evening at eight. I don't expect they'll agree with Ms. Klein, but you never know.

He's interviewing the head of the EPA. She'll say they're wonderful and, opening the Artic to drilling aside, will serve to save the world.

We all want to save the world.

The photo up top was taken at the Art & Soul Festival yesterday with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.