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August 3, 2015

A Problem

Monday. Lights out by ten, awake fifteen minutes before the alarm to get up without too much trouble. Effort. Whatever. Off to walk to breakfast on another overcast morning to read about California wild fires and such over breakfast. Seems we're setting records.

A walk home to then finish yesterday's journal entry, an abbreviated one as I hadn't touched it after I returned from the Art & Soul Festival yesterday, digging right away into yesterday's pictures. Of which there really aren't enough to come up with two full web sections, but we'll look at it again starting now and see what we can do about it. What we can fudge, if fudge is a solution.

Ah, right. Just remembered. Today is the Protime home blood test deadline. We'd best do it right now while it's still morning.

Later. The bus came just as I'd almost talked myself into not going downtown. Felt fine, but why go downtown to take pictures was the existential argument. I wasn't hungry and I've seen the downtown on a Monday on several different occasions, not to mention more than once on every other damned day of the week. Or something like that.

Now, now.

Worked out fine. Clear headed, none of the disturbing stuff (knock on wood). Got off at Latham Square and took pictures at twelve-thirty in the afternoon with plenty of work going on. Less boring, construction pictures that include people, working or otherwise.

Again, not hungry and so immediately crossed Broadway to catch the return bus home, getting off at the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar (we've otherwise been very careful with the diet) and then a walk to the apartment house construction site to take another set of pictures, having noted the activity out front on Grand going downtown on the bus. More people in the pictures. So far, so good.

The sun came out in the later morning and it's getting warmer, certainly warm enough in a t-shirt downtown. I suspect we don't need to stick our head out again until tomorrow, he said for no particular reason. Maybe best to let this rest until some filament of inspiration arrives.

Later still. I mentioned the Protime test was due today and indeed I poked a finger to run it and received a call late this afternoon from the nurse saying the number looked fine. Which I knew, which she knew I knew, but I guess it's a necessary part of the routine. I did forget to run the thing until I'd returned from the downtown, though. Easy come, easy go, the memory floats in and then it floats right out.

Put another section together for Latham Square and posted it to the web sites. I haven't added to the apartment house construction sections now in months and that needs doing. But not right now.

Evening. Nothing appeals on television, not unusual for a Monday evening, so to bed to wrestle with the tablet before turning the lights out. How long have I had this tablet? I've been noticing the audio volume has been diminishing over time, hearing the audio on Netflix programs for some reason in particular have become an issue and so I finally checked the iPad itself to see if it had an earphone jack. Must have an audio jack.

And it does. More time than I'd like to admit hunting down the ear-buds or whatever they're called, finally finding them sitting on top of a speaker the living room, plugging them in and finding I could now hear just fine, thank you. My, my. How long has it been again since this started to be a problem?

The photo up top was taken at the Art & Soul Festival yesterday with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.