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August 31, 2012

Other Than That
Friday. Another month gone by tomorrow, a long weekend ahead. Up this morning thinking I might just sleep in, but the various body parts started up of their own accord without asking my input, so off to breakfast and back on a colder, overcast and mist (close to rain) morning. My, my. Yesterday was overly warm, today is overly cool, but since I was bitching yesterday about the heat, I can't really complain about the cold this morning. May your wishes all come true (said the man on the mountain smiling a secret smile).

Well, maybe a nap now that we're back. A pretty rough edit just now before posting yesterday's entry, not sure what I was thinking really, but not an uncommon failure anymore I'm afraid. I need to go by an ATM today and then pick up a bus pass, but otherwise the day is clear. Maybe take another step in getting the bedroom together, something that does seem to be stumbling forward, if not, you know, quite actually picking up much steam. Feels oddly nice.

Later. Alright, the last day of the month, let's say it means a major leap forward in getting this place and the head together. Replace the two recliner chairs with something nice, get rid of all the other junk furniture and hang those pictures I've had framed now for these last few years but have yet to hang on the walls. By noon. Hup!

And when reality strikes?

It's still overcast and more than cool out there after the bus ride downtown to the ATM and to buy a bus pass, returning without visiting the City Center (I was thinking of a crêpe, but decided it was too cold and overcast to be sitting out eating a crêpe at a table), catching the bus and heading to the morning café instead. (To sit outside to have ice cream and coffee before walking home. Ice cream and coffee but not a crêpe and coffee outside at a table?)

So it's now just after one, we'd had our hour's nap earlier before heading downtown (we lay down for an hour, but I'm pretty sure there was no sleep involved) and we are indeed thinking of two things now on this still rather brisk and overcast afternoon: one, guitar practice, enough to make up for yesterday and get a good start on tomorrow, the newly assigned riff isn't quite as easy as some recently assigned; and two, continue with the bedroom.

I did look at leather recliners on Amazon and then on the Macy's web site. I finally decided they're obviously not something you buy online without actually sitting down in it and kicking its tires. So, the bedroom and the guitar today, the furniture in the coming month. I cannot imagine this place with real furniture and all the detritus of the last many decades no longer in sight. (hup!)

Later still. Let's see, two glasses of sake last night, something close to an ocular migraine this afternoon starting just after two, up now after lying down for more than an hour feeling a bit more like a human being. Could there be a relationship between the two? Sake yesterday and whatever that was just now today? Well, I suspect we'll keep testing the proposition until either I or the sake runs its course. Woof. Maybe the rules I've become accustomed to have changed and we really aren't in Kansas anymore.

Evening. Hmm. I seem to have lost a couple of hours just now, started playing guitar and getting into the Friday Italian police procedural just fine when things got very wiggy and made the earlier light “almost ocular migraine” look like a joke.

Hmm again, it's now close to eight and the world has somewhat reassembled, but I would not like to have it happen outside on the street. I just drifted off while playing the guitar while watching TV and found myself in Wonderland without twigging to the fact I was there, that the difficulty I was having in understanding why the world wasn't changing when I changed the television channels with the remote wasn't something you might consider to be sane. Does that make sense? Well then you can understand my “not understanding”. Hmm.

Anything you remember before you stopped remembering?

I did heat and then eat a package of a mixed rice and vegetables dish in the microwave that I'd picked up for the first time at my last supermarket run before it all fell apart, washing, drying and putting away the dish I'd eaten it in. Other than that....

The photo up top was taken at the J-Pop Summit Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.