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August 30, 2012

Bringing Us To
Thursday. To bed at a decent hour, quite warm, but I opened the bedroom windows wide and slept comfortably enough. Still a slight twinge or two from the pulled chest muscle, but it's pretty much history. Which is nice. Up this morning with the alarm thinking I might sleep in, but the head coming together relatively quickly, so out the door and back from breakfast in the usual routine.

Another clear and warm day out there from the look of it. Fairly high humidity for the area, humidity an evil multiplier on an uncomfortable day. The weather people say cooler than yesterday, but how much cooler really?

Do you think all that much about such, this early in the morning?

In passing. You write it out here on the screen and it takes on a larger piece of your day than it deserves, I suppose, but we babble on without paying much attention to relative impacts and values and such, oblivious as we are to the world.

The guitar lesson later at noon. I'm ready for it, I say I'm ready for it, but the proof always turns out to be in the pudding, so we'll comment later when we're done. How many times have I gone back and forth between the D and the E chords in the last couple of weeks? A berzillion? Close, I'd bet.

Then, of course, there's these last several months when I've been repeating the C, C minor, F and E sequence, some incredible number of times. I'm finally getting pretty good, not up to snuff, but pretty good about getting from one to the other on the beat, but it's taken a long time. The secret to learning the guitar: time and practice and then more time and practice. I suspect it was ever thus.

Later. Not a bad lesson. Waiting for it to start on his patio I took a couple of pictures of bees working the flowers, one or two of which seem to have turned out. Makes me think I might one day take more, get the exposure better, get closer, get further away, work to move into the bumble bee league.

Otherwise a long tired morning, though. A run by the supermarket to finally replenish the kitchen, feeling hungry for the first time in a while when I got back. Had some cottage cheese, thought about heating something in the microwave before deciding to walk over to the morning café to have an apple turnover, ice cream (mocha chip) and lemonade. I felt the need for sugar, detouring to buy a small packet of potato chips for the salt. Wanting salt? Well, thinking I'd like something salty. It happens, I guess. It did just now.

You're spending all this time obsessing over this? Food? Salt?

“Eat, drink and be merry”, someone said. I picked up two of the small bottles of sake with the groceries, so the drink has been arranged for later, eating has pretty much been taken care of, although we haven't finished yet, and I'm merry all the day long and often well into the night time too, am I not? Self? Self?

Evening. Some guitar, but not really enough to be satisfied with the day, the sake raising the feet off the floor about three inches for maybe an hour, nice, but adding a slight suspicion of my sanity and any ocular adventures that might result. To bed early. No thought, really, to listen to the Republican convention. This is not a good election year for conventions and candidates and the kind of world they seem to be bringing us to.

The photo up top was taken at the J-Pop Summit Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.