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August 17, 2012

Weekend Ahead
Friday. We seem to be running along on about half power, we do, feeling a certain limiting factor as the walls close in slowly. Just sort of noting the lack of ambition (and ability) to get out and about as often as I have in the past, what is becoming a past receding ever faster. Then again we got to sleep early last night, got up after six and now sitting here at home on an overcast morning after breakfast and the papers. Which is good. The breakfast and the papers.

It usually takes at least a paragraph before you sink into this level of gibberish.

Who knows? I would like to do something a little different today. Head over to San Francisco and walk along the waterfront, maybe. They've been talking about the America's Cup race coming up, I believe some of the boats have been out on the bay in front of the San Francisco waterfront practicing. Something a little different.

But you won't.

Probably not in my current funk. Still, a nice thought.

Later. A bus downtown to walk through the farmers market on 9th Street, taking but one (upon later examination) very bad picture. A walk then on to sit out in front of Peet's for a while to watch the people pass by. A nice sunny morning, the temperature perfect sitting there in a light jacket, sitting out comfortably in the morning sun.

A walk then to a shop I've passed a million times before but have never entered, its windows filled with what are obviously brand name purse and shoulder bag knock offs (as in high end brand names for $9.95), but also advertises itself as a jewelry store and watch repair shop, figuring I'd have them replace the plastic band I'd bought last week with the new metal band I'd ordered and received to replace it when I realized they had such things for sale. That first plastic band that came with the watch lasted for something like a year, the second one, now that the metal band is in hand, managed a week.

Which is a long and complicated to say I've finally gotten this damned watch into shape: no more loose fitting plastic band that will break in another whatever number of months. Fifteen bucks to have this done (replace the one with the other), but they've got you coming and going without owning one of the special tools required to do it.

You're going on at this length about replacing a plastic watch band?

I'm bitching about now having spent a total of ninety-five dollars to get the damned thing straightened out. Not much of an excuse for my little snit, but it's done and I'm now done and to hell with it.

I mentioned there'd been all of three or four people show up for the demonstration in support of Bradley Manning late yesterday afternoon in front of the City Hall when I decided to leave, but read this morning (on Facebook, as it happens) that eventually a hundred people had attended and who'd then up and marched over to the nearby Obama headquarters to occupy it for over three hours.

I was indeed feeling like crap and it is best I didn't stay on to take pictures, but still, my mistake, I'd have liked to have been there and photographed it. One of those Constitutional grains of sand that have gotten stuck in my craw, not everyone gets excited about it.

Later still. This had arrived when I returned from the downtown. I think I mentioned I'd joined recently when I saw the support their legal department was giving street photographers, both professionals and amateurs. It won't get you in anywhere you couldn't get into without it, it doesn't make you a professional anything, so it's not something I'll carry with me, but it's kind of a kick, so we'll hang it on the hat rack. Cheap thrills abound in Oakland.

Late afternoon. Well, let's see. Of all the things I probably shouldn't do, walking down the hill for sushi and sake is probably one of them, particularly since the day has gone very well, a certain level of laid back nothing on the horizon “ennui”, yes, but no sign of sinus this or ocular that. So why am I sitting here thinking of heading down the hill for sushi and sake? I'm not even hungry.

Evening. An evening of guitar and television, somewhat light on the television for the usual couldn't find anything to watch reasons. I suspect I'd find much more of interest if I subscribed to cable - it's not a function of money, really, but some kind of stubborn recalcitrance I won't even blame on age - but maybe I'm holding out hope I'll one day (or night) just give up, get into bed and start reading again. Whatever happened to the omnivorous reader who's walls were filled with books? Well, he still has the walls and the books.

Taking up space that could be used for photographs.

We haven't come that yet.

Anyway, no sushi, no sake, a cup of noodles to placate the appetite, to bed early, a perhaps productive weekend ahead.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Nihonmachi Street Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.